Mi2N Music PR Testimonials

Ideal for artists and labels, as well as supporting promoters and agencies, Mi2N Music PR service provides guaranteed press release placements through a network of newswires, eGroups, blog communities, boards and forums, as well as MP3 and video distribution. In addition to guaranteed PR placement, the packages provide exposure through the Mi2N website and daily newsletters sent to over 24,000 music professionals across the globe.

"Mi2N is fundamental to our promotional efforts, and beyond indispensable. The response publishing our releases on Mi2N has awesome. As other outlets "pick up" the releases we can be more efficient and strategic." Factory Fast Records

"Eric is doing a GREAT thing with Mi2N. It is a trusted resource I use all the time to get information. I use the Music PR to service press releases and typically get a great response. Keep up the good work Eric! I strongly recommend Mi2N Music PR" Robert Morrison, President, Chart Noise

"Eric provides one of the best promotional services available today for independent music. I have enjoyed having Eric's music blogs on my Tunesmith Sites and look forward to working with him in our Tunesmith Brand Management Services divison at Tunesmith." Nan Cassidy, President/CEO Tunesmith Ventures"

"Mi2N's promotional services have been enabled for some our projects. We have received good feedback as a result and recommend his network as an economical method of letting the world know what's happening here." Chris Ashman, Red Admiral Records

"Eric is very knowledgeable in music marketing and public relations. I've used Mi2N to increase exposure into my press releases for my company (WaTunes). I can't say nothing but great things about Eric and his company. I highly recommend that you use MusicDish for your press distribution as it is a most cost effective solution out there!" Kevin Rivers, CEO WaTunes.com

"Thank you. That has to be the world record for speedy service exceeding all customer expectations. Nice work." Rob Kunstadt, Born To Rock Design

"This system rocks! I'm going to recommend this to absolutely no-one as I don't want other people knowing my secret weapon. And you can use that as a quote from me, mate." Kevin Fetterplace, Mojo Working International

"Eric's services always generate valid interest in the artists that I need to market and promote. I continue to use Mi2N as a valuable tool for every release I work. I highly recommend Eric and his excellent services." Bradshaw Lambert, Night River Records

"Eric has an amazing press release distribution and publicity organization for the music industry. We came across the Mi2N PR Services this past year and signed up to receive their newsletter. It is packed with great release info and we decided to send our releases through his system. It has been easy and effective for our clients...at a great price! We all highly recommend Mi2N PR services to everyone we know!" Kathy Douglas, Indie Extreme

"Thank you so much for keeping me updated with Rustie Blue's press release! I really appreciate it! It's so refreshing for someone to do what they say they are going to do. We've received several responses from the press release that you sent out or posted. Your doing a GREAT job!!" Robert D. Keister, Rustie Blue

"Thanks for the good work and vibes." Pat Fulgoni, Chocolate Fireguard

"Mi2N is an essential service for PR." Chris Jones, 2SPR

Questions or interested in custom service packages, contact us: prsyndicate [at] mi2n.com ~~ (718) 278-0662