Music Industry News Network [01-10-2005]

LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling Technology Ready For Market At CES 2005



HP announced that LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling technology is available immediately in personal computers and optical media launched by several leading manufacturers at CES 2005.

The first LightScribe-enabled PCs are being offered by HP. As of today, customers can purchase LightScribe-enabled PCs through HP distribution channels worldwide. Aftermarket DVD writers with LightScribe capabilities are slated to be available in Q1, 2005 from BenQ, HP, LaCie and Philips. CD-R discs are provided by HP and Verbatim and are available through retail immediately. Imation, Memorex, Philips and TDK discs are planned to be available in early 2005.

The LightScribe technology is being incorporated by optical disc drive manufacturers, CD and DVD manufacturers and software makers, including: CMC Magnetics Corporation, CyberLink Corp., Hitachi-LG Data Storage, InterVideo, Inc., Lite-On IT, MicroVision Development Inc., Mitsubishi Chemical Company, Moser Baer India Limited, Nero Inc., Philips BenQ Digital Storage, Roxio, Sonic Solutions Software and Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology.

HP also announced today the development of LightScribe disc coating technology capable of a 50% labeling speed increase, anticipated to be available in Q2, 2005. This increase will be incorporated into the next generation of LightScribe CDs and DVDs. Consumers will be able to take advantage of faster speed media with their existing LightScribe-enabled drives.

"Consumers and businesses purchase billions of discs per year, and each one needs to be labeled," said Kent Henscheid, marketing manager for LightScribe. "None of the current alternatives markers, adhesive labels and disc printing with inkjet printers offers the combination of embedded convenience and creativity while also delivering a silkscreen-quality final label. With LightScribe, customers have the at-hand freedom to combine text and graphics in simple or complex designs that reflect their personality and attitude."

LightScribe was developed to solve the problem of unprofessional, incomplete and inferior-quality labeling methods. Customers can burn the data side on a disc as normal, then flip the disc over and burn a precise, iridescent label with their desired text and graphics using the same laser that burns the data no printer, permanent marker or adhesive labeling is required. The LightScribe technology uses the optical drive's existing laser to deliver precisely controlled light energy to the disc through an innovative circular writing system. Where the energy focuses on the disc, a visible chemical change occurs in the dye coating. The result is a high-resolution reproduction of artwork, text or photos.


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