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PARADOX have recently announced that for the month of January, they will donate all of their CD sales to the Tsunami & Earthquake disaster victims, from the December tragedy. Yes that's right, 100% of all CD sales in January will be donated to the Tsunami Victims. This will be done exclusively with Music For Relief & The Red Cross. The Music for Relief foundation was founded by Linkin Park to help and assist the families & victims of the Tsunami Disaster. Everyone was affected by this atrosity around the globe, and it's up to all of us to make a huge effort to help and donate whatever we can so that the survivors can start rebuilding their lives and communities.
All the CD sales can be made directly through, where their 2002 debut, 'Circle of Growth', and their latest 2004 release 'Sacred', are both available for purchase. Paradox urge you to purchase their CD for this noble cause. If you already own a copy, buy one for a friend. Every single purchase counts.

A Personal Note from Paradox:

" In these turbulant times of man made destruction, war and right wing politics an event occurs that shows us how fragile the human race is against the forces of nature, how defenceless we are when this planet displays it's dectructive power. The world needs to come together and show it's compassion to the loss and the suffering, we are all human, breathe the same air, we
are all together here in this crazy world, even though there has always been so much red tape and hatred between so many nations. No-one is immortal, we are all struggling here, now is the time to give and do what we can here in the Western World to help the many affected by this tragedy. We {Paradox} are donating all of our sales thru for all of our albums to the Red Cross. So as well as having our music in your possesion you will also be doing your part to help this noble cause by purchasing any or all of our albums. Please, Please find it in you hearts to buy a CD and if you decide not to, then please make a donation directly through Thank you for reading this."
Pete Mac, Mike Mac -

According to CNN, the undersea earthquake off Sumatra and its resulting giant waves have killed more than 150,000 people in at least eleven countries. Countless thousands are still missing and the numbers are expected to continue to rise.


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