Music Industry News Network [11-24-2004]

ViaStar Records, Quadra Records, Light Of The Spirit Records, And ViaStar Classical Sign Agreements To Use SunnComm's MediaMax V5 Technology


SunnComm International, Inc., the U.S. leader in digital content security and enhancement for optical media, announced today that it has signed an agreement with ViaStar Music Group for use of its MediaMax? suite of technologies.

The ViaStar Music Group consists of several record labels that include, but not limited to, ViaStar Records, Quadra Records and Light of The Spirit Records.

ViaStar Records, the music group's flagship label, boasts a bevy of artists including music icon Peter Cetera, guitarist Robbie Nevil, Canadian rock group Hadley and international star Peter Murphy, former lead singer of the trend setting UK group, Bauhaus.

Quadra Records, which made its mark with hit British metal rock group Erotic Liquid Culture (ELC), recently signed contemporary-Flamenco sensation Mosaic to its slate of international artists.

Light of the Spirit Records, a relatively new record label, is currently the home of the spiritually based Music From God series. The series, a musical production of compositions mathematically derived from the original Hebrew text of the Bible, is brought to life through the collaboration of Uri Harel with well-known composer Gardner Cole, violinist J'Anna Jacoby and guitarist Gal Drimmer, among others.

"MediaMax's proven success in the U.S. marketplace with both major and independent labels is what prompted us to take a closer look at the product," said Richard Spector of ViaStar. "We feel confident that the enhancement features offered by MediaMax will meet the varying needs of our labels and artists along with providing extra value to the consumer. In addition, SunnComm offers us the ability to develop, design and produce MediaMax enhanced CDs in real time from our offices through the use of their proprietary web-based second-session builder tool. In our opinion, SunnComm offers us a one-stop all encompassing solution which is invaluable."

"From the beginning, SunnComm set out to develop a product that meets the multiple requirements of both the music industry and consumer markets," said Peter Jacobs, CEO and president of SunnComm. "We are thrilled to see that MediaMax is becoming the one solution that record labels and artists across the board are embracing. Our MediaMax suite of products provides superior music management and enhancement features that can be configured to meet the artist's or label's specifications on a per project basis."

SunnComm's MediaMax suite of products delivers security for digital CD audio along with an enhanced consumer experience that provides additional bonus content and value-added features available in a user-friendly multi-media session. MediaMax is mastered directly on the audio CD and accessible using a personal computer. Bonus features include on-board press kits, artist-related promotions, videos, song lyrics, artist bio page, photo gallery, web links and tune-sharing capability through SunnComm's MusicMail? functionality. MusicMail or TuneShare is an interface for the legal authorized sharing of selected song tracks with friends and family for a pre-determined number of days or plays. CD buyers can share music legitimately without illegal file sharing networks and without tying up their email system with huge files. This is a powerful word-of-mouth marketing tool for the record labels. Metrics associated with forwarded MusicMail files are available to SunnComm's record label customers on a 24/7/365 basis.


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