Music Industry News Network [10-20-2004] Offers CD Quality Playlists With No Commercials And No Fees


Free music thrives on the web at, a great alternative to the fee-based services on the web. This is the place you can find CD quality music with no commercials for free. "Why pay for something that you ought to get for free?" asks Steve Newman, CEO of

With a station and a style for any musical taste, listeners will find Modern Rock, Extremely New Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal Pop, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Trance, Jazz, New Age and Latin Rock. Your average radio station broadcasts in your city. broadcasts nearly three million tracks each month to listeners in every city, in every country, around the world.

The goal was to create playlists "not branded by any corporation," explains Scott Feldman,'s Director of Media Relations. "We're free to play any music we choose." is constantly adding new songs to the playlists, but mixes it with the best songs of the past. Newman explains, "We never forget the best tracks of the artists we play; you won't hear the same four or five tracks that you usually get from traditional radio. That way you can listen all day and never hear the same song played twice."

Through contacts with all of the major record labels, you can often hear songs premiered on Even more impressive is the range of their stations. With just the click of a mouse, you can go from Ozzy to Outkast.


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