Music Industry News Network [09-28-2004]

Psychedelic Pop Phenomenon Releases New CD


Ella Blame, a Psychedelic Pop, Psychedelic Dance and Ethereal/Ambient duo has released its debut CD "Ella Blame - Ineffable Desire" on September 22. Described as 'the best of Bjork and Kate Bush mixed with Cleo Laine', singer Ella Blame has a continuous vocal range of four (!) octaves as well as an advanced and complex singing style. "Ella Blame is a strangely hypnotic listen. Vocals are soothing, and the composition is enticing. A kind of Fiona Apple type sound, but better, check it out!", writes.

Ella Blame comes from a family of musicians - classic and jazz. Each and every day during her childhood and youth, Ella heard music almost around the clock: symphonic, operatic, chamber and twelve-tone music, jazz of all styles, R&B, soul, funk, rock and pop. With a sonic childhood as eclectic as that, Ella has found several talented composers and musicians with whom she has produced around 60 songs of genres Progressive Dance, Psychedelic Dance, Ethereal/Ambient and Extraterrestrial. In late 2002, Ella has formed the "Ella Blame" duo with highly gifted composer and multi-instrumentalist, Michael D. Temple from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area.

With her vocal cords, Ella can produce sounds that most music experts consider having been generated by a synthesizer or by post-processing equipment. However, Ella can produce these "strange" sounds without using a microphone. "Ella Blame is ahead of her time. She's also ahead in the production dept. ... Blame's vocals are what you notice most. She's a mezzo-soprano who leaps the bounds of baritone, tenor, alto and soprano," MusicDish. com writes.

"Ella Blame - Ineffable Desire" will be available from September 28 through


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