Music Industry News Network [06-24-2004]

Women Musicians Support ReDefeatBush's Efforts To Register Single Women Voters


Los Angeles Female musicians Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde and new group The Butchies are coming together and coming out to ReDefeatBush. These women join noted artists BT, Ken Jordan from The Crystal Method, DJ Christopher Lawrence, Tweaker and Nine Inch Nails co-founder Chris Vrenna, rocker Renn from Deadsy and "CSI" star Eric Szmanda to support The Committee to ReDefeat the President/ The artists were recently photographed in ReDefeatBush gear by noted photographer Kiino Villand in Hollywood.

While at the photo shoot, the artists gave their opinions and reasons for supporting The Committee to ReDefeat the President/ Johnette Napolitano simply stated that she supports the organization "because I care about my country."

Kaia Wilson of The Butchies and formerly of Team Dresch added, "We want to use our voices and be part of helping motivate people, particularly young people and with special focus on young women in swing states, to get out, register and vote against Bush in this year's election. Bush's policies in economics, health care, women's right to choose, the environment, etc., has had tremendous adverse and often catastrophic effects on all of us. We can't afford to be apathetic and the Butchies are happy to be participating in The Committee to Redefeat the President/"

The Committee to ReDefeat the President/ is an innovative and energetic political action committee whose goal is to register one million new Democratic voters in swing states. It organizes calling crews across the country at which volunteers register voters in battleground states by telephone. Volunteers, when they arrive at these events, are supplied with cell phones, training, and lists of unregistered unmarried women ages 18-45 in the most highly Democratic zip codes in Pennsylvania or Oregon. Additionally, the organization reaches voters through humor and a bit of edge -- our ReDefeatBush condoms (saying, "Don't Get Screwed Again") are a best seller on the web site!

"Our events are most efficient if we phone the people most likely to register Democratic and vote, and that's unmarried women 18-45," said founder David Lytel. "If we reach someone else in our calling, we're of course happy to register them to vote, but targeting this group gives us an advantage." Research by Women's Voices, Women Vote ( shows that unmarried women are under-registered compared to other groups, but that their positions are more progressive. They support government action to address healthcare costs and education, and they support a right to privacy and a woman's right to choose. And almost five times as high a percentage of unmarried women believe the country is on the wrong track, compared to the general electorate.

"It may sound heretical," Lytel said, "but we'll leave the highly acclaimed NASCAR Dads to the RNC, and aim for Democratic voters instead. It's hard enough persuading Americans to join the political process at all. We're better off persuading those who agree with us on the issues but haven't been passionate enough about it to vote yet. The current President is filling a lot of people with passion to see him gone."

The Committee to ReDefeat the President is an independent expenditure committee not affiliated with any candidate. Headquartered on the Internet at, its purpose is to effectively channel volunteer activities into political action that will defeat President Bush. It raises money through online contributions, events, and the sale of merchandise, including buttons, bumper stickers, T-shirts, lawn signs and condoms.


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