Music Industry News Network [06-17-2004] For The Good Of Music


Music is known to us all, even to those still in the womb. The first sound we ever hear is the strong and steady beat of Mom's heart. The quiet base sound of "bum-bum" "bum-bum" was so precious that we could not survive without its comforting sound. Where would our unborn little souls be if not for Mom's constant, pulsating music pumping into our veins? Mindless, compassionless, emotionless, and not to mention Rhythmless. Those qualities, unfortunantly ARE in the souls of people in the world today.

That is why Indie Radio Live has searched the earth for the o要ly o要es dedicated enough to save the musicless souls from a life of repetitious Noise brought to you by corporate radio. Not o要ly should the lonely rhythm-challenged be saved, but the whole world should be kept harmoniously in Tune.

Who could we find that would possibly partake in this colossal task? They should be brave enough to stand up for the Indie music they believe in. Our heroes should be loyal to their Independent music Congregation of listeners, who's need in music is great. They should be dedicated to their Indie Bands/Artists who create everlasting harmony for the world. Above all else, their toes must tap, their head's should nod, their heart's should sing, and they should hear, feel and touch the Indie musical calling that o要ly They could deliver to the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you... your heart-thumping soul-saviours, the heroes who by sheer will shall Keep the World in Tune... M.O.M. The Ministers of Music will sanctify the world of Independent music heartbeat by heartbeat just like Mom did for the first 9 months of your life. M.O.M. will o要ce again be pumping rhythmic Life back into you veins.

~ Bumpskey ~ Corum ~ Cotolo ~ DaSnake ~ Davepar ~ Dragojani ~ Emmie7 ~ Goldfingner007 ~ Grady Musick ~ Keven Lane ~ Lunasea ~ Mach5 ~ Me ~ m00n_me_zz ~ Peaches ~ Rexbutler ~ Sinbad ~ Stel & Sopo ~ TomCat ~ WallyBob ~ YNott ~

I highly praise our Ministers of Music (IRL's D.J.s & Staff) who voluntarily dedicate time from their lives to save the people from an empty existance, and to promote the creators of our soul-saving elixer, our Indie Artists.

Relieve the weight apon your soul. Listen now!
In the D.J. chatroom you can request your favorate Indie band, or confess all your sins in the confessional.

Indie Radio Live is still in search D.J.s to help minister Independent Music to the world via the world wide web. If you would like to join this Team of highly Dedicated and musically passionate Ministers of Music, then please click o要 the "D.J. Apply Here" link.


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