Music Industry News Network [06-14-2004]

MusiciansPromote.Com: More To Promoting Music Then The Internet.


While the Internet has become an important tool to promote Independent Music (thanks Payola) there is more to promoting a band then exchanging links and offering your music as free downloads to anyone that will take them. There is a flood of “online” promotional services who charge to have a bands website link placed on numerous link exchanges. This is a valuable service for those bands that are interested in higher search ranking, however MusiciansPromote sends the band information and music directly to the industry.

MusiciansPromote offers E-Releases with band photo, 3 listen links or streaming radio by BandJams.Com members, band news, and “sounds like” reference so the receiver of a band’s E-Releases can recognize the genre and style of the bands submission immediately. Every artist using MusiciansPromote E-Release service receives detailed reports after 30-days of distribution showing who received their E-Release. An E-Release is much more effective and in most cases much more affordable then promotional services who Spam band URL’s over the Internet.

MusiciansPromote currently has an established database of over 5000 media contacts within the music industry that have chosen to receive E-Releases through MusiciansPromote.Com. All E-Releases are targeted to our industry members by band genre and relevancy to the specific media outlet. By targeting E-Releases it is more likely the receivers will take the time to read its content, and ensure that our industry members do not “opt-out” due to irrelevant content being received.

MusiciansPromote offers promotion services to artists serious about promoting themselves to radio, industry magazines, newspapers, ezines and other industry specific media outlets. With MusiciansPromote artists have the chance to create their personal E-Release to be sent to over 5000 media contacts within the music industry, and unlike other Press Release and Press Kit electronic distribution services MusiciansPromote actually follows up on the artist’s behalf to ensure their E-Release has been received.

Bands may request to have MusiciansPromote to contact radio station managers to discuss possible “Listen to Win” contests to their listening audience, or schedule a live performance / appearance on a radio stations morning show. All this begins with something as simple as the MusiciansPromote E-Release.


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