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Over 2,000 Listeners Responded To RRadio Network's Survey 23.



The Audio Graphics network of independent online
stations asked its audience for thoughts about
online radio's biggest problem, how they are
employed, and their influence in the purchase
of office imaging equipment.

Questioned, "When listening to online radio,
what do you consider to be the biggest problem?"...
- 23.5% of responsdents said it was "finding a good station."
- 20.4% reported "connection/buffering time"
- 15% labeled Signal dropouts

The next "biggest problem" was only mentioned by
8.6% of the crowd - unidentified songs.

As for those who are satisfied?
16.9% said "Everything is fine."

More "problems" and graphs are at

Respondents were also asked what they do for a living:
17.3% work in the technology sector
14.1% are professionals
8.7% report they are managers
8.5% are employed in the service industry
6.3% medical workers
5.3% professional support
5.2% work in retail, and
4.5% are in manufacturing

27.5% said they work in a category
"other than" was listed.

With its ability to target specific qualities,
Survey 23 looked at the influence carried by
the online radio audience when it comes to
purchasing office imaging equipment.

Although 49.2% report a decision like that was
totally out of their hands, 26.9% claim to
"make the decision" or "share that decision."
Another 17.7% said they were asked for their opinion, indicating companies that make scanners, printers,
and copy machines should look to online radio as an
advertising vehicle.

Graphs of the above results are at


About RRadio Network

RRadio Network (pronounced "R-Radio Network") is a group of
online radio stations that aggregate audience for sale to advertisers.

Some of the biggest names in radio - online and off - are
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and WCLV-FM.

RRadio Network conducts the only continuous survey of
online radio listeners. Data is used to quantify the
value of online radio for advertisers.

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About Audio Graphics, Inc.

Founded in 1991, Audio Graphics is a major producer
of radio and television commercials in Northern Ohio.

Our web sites report how the Internet affects broadcast
ad sales -

...act as a portal for radio stations that stream

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