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Reality Check: Digital Bear Entertainment (DBE) Adds Consultation Services


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Reality Check: Digital Bear Entertainment (DBE) adds Consultation services:

In this age of Do It Yourself music, sometimes it's a good idea to see how you're doing along the way. To help independent musicians, Digital Bear Entertainment has introduced its Consultation Services. This suite of 3 services includes Music Consultation, Performance Analysis, and Mixing Service. DBE specializes in Artist Development, working with a highly selected group of acts. Now the DBE expertise is available in quick, one time packages for musicians to use as a reality check, to get outside insight into their act, or to tweak a project.

The Music Consultation provides written, in-depth constructive criticism of the music. This can be done at any stage of your project: when just working out the songs, when you are part way through the recording, or even at the end of the recording. At each stage, the positives will be emphasized to strengthen the recording, and suggestions will be made to correct any weaknesses. Special attention is given to the process going forward to make it easier and avoid any potential pitfalls.

Performance Analysis involves the DBE staff attending a live performance. A thorough, written documentation of the event will follow covering aspects of the instrumental performance, vocals, image, audience engagement, professionalism, energy, and more. Specific suggestions will be given to maximize the impact and effectiveness of the performer's show and correct any issues that stand in the performer's way.

The Mixing Service provides engineer/producer Jordan Tishler's expertise to mix or rework previous mixes that just didn't turn out well. If you have a project that didn't come out to your satisfaction or are currently in the middle of a project that isn't going your way, this a la carte mixing service is for you.

Each of these services is now available for a limited time introductory rate. Please mention offer code DBE207 when calling. Details of these services, with example reports, and prices are available at or call (617) 522.4550 x0.


Digital Bear Entertainment:

DBE was founded by Producer Jordan Tishler, in 1996, on the triad of Artist Development, Music Production, and Publishing. Artist Development involves seeking innovative talent with qualities that will make them commercially successful, and helping them mature into acts ready for national attention. DBE uses its creativity and experience to polish these diamonds in the rough by providing songwriting guidance, performance analysis, and image consultation. Understanding an act's goals and their fanbase, DBE develops a marketing strategy for each act which provides the key to their success.

DBE has been producing and developing local and national acts for over ten years, including James O'Brien and Church of the Kitchen Sink, Binaural, Labb, and Marie's Children among many others. Go to for the more information on becoming a Digital Bear Entertainment artist or call (617) 522-4550 or (888) 844-BEAR (2327).


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