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New York, NY -- Record company initiatives, Proliferation of Download Services such as Apple iTunes, Wal Mart, Microsoft and MTV, music licensing as a way to promote new artists as well as a source of revenues, Music on Demand on VOD systems,... Music trade magazine founder and editor Eric De Fontenay will be addressing these and other pressing issues as a speaker at "The Future Of Music And Video: The Latest Legal And Business Developments."

Co-sponsored by The Bar Association Of The City Of NY and The CUNY Graduate Center, the event features leading entertainment executives including:
CHAIR: Steve Gordon, Esq., former Director of Business Affairs TV/Video for Sony Music, President of Steve Gordon Clearances, and author of the forthcoming book "The Future of the Music Business" (Backbeat Books 2005)
Steve Nelson, Chairman and CEO, m/OD Music on Demand, Inc., and founder, President and Executive Producer of The Cable Channel
David Hughes, VP Technology Strategies and EMD, Sony Music
David Gottlieb, SVP Marketing and Artist Development, RCA Music Group
John Simson, Executive Director, SoundExchange

"We're really only at step 2 or 3 in a 12-step transformative process that will ultimately result in an almost indistinguishable music industry," commented Eric. "As a business magazine editor, I've seen everything from outsourcing by EMI, new copyright bills and contradicting court orders, an explosion of online download stores as Apple iTunes misses its 100M download mark... and that's just in the past two weeks!"

"As a 'content' publisher, I also have a first-hand realization of the profound challenges, opportunities and especially uncertainty that faces not only the music industry, although it happens to be its primary arena. And while we may not have a crystal ball to divine the industry's future, we need to understand and accomodate/co-opt the business & societal changes being wrought by digital technology rather than fight them. We need to learn to make lemonade from the lemons we've been given, as the saying goes"

The Future Of Music And Video: The Latest Legal And Business Developments

Be part of the discussion of the breathtaking changes transforming the music and video industries. New technologies are revolutionizing the way we listen to music and watch video. 
- Downloading;
- File sharing;
- MP3 Players;
- Music and video ON DEMAND via cable or satellite;
- Portable computer powered devices;
- Flat screen TV’s that double as computer monitors, and deliver TV, VOD, High Def & the Internet.

Digital technologies provide immediate access to more and more content via the Internet and through video on demand digital television systems. We are coming closer to the day when we will be able to hear any record ever recorded and see any video, TV Program or movie at any time on demand. As they permeate our society, these technologies are, and will continue to transform the music and video industries.  How are the "content" executives and lawyers crafting new business models to accommodate these wondrous new technologies? What impact is their development having on the law and how are the courts and lawmakers responding to the challenge of preserving the rights of copyright owners while allowing the technologies to flourish for the benefit of the public?

Eric de Fontenay has been a diligent observer and outspoken voice of what has been popularly called the "digital revolution." Starting as a telecom consultant during the deregulatory upheaval, Eric soon joined a growing number of pioneers and founded Tag It in 1997. Today, Tag It is a leading voice within the music industry, challenging its members to think out-of-the-box & imagine the future while empowering a host new stakeholders. Its music industry portals MusicDish & Mi2N have become a staple of information & analysis for a broad community that ranges from major executives to lonely musicians. Through the MusicDish Network, gathering over 200 entertainement websites across three continents, Tag It has built a broader media platform to showcase its original web programming.

Eric has personally been a vocal participant in leading public forums and conferences ranging from the Consumer Electronic Show to Noorderslag Seminar and Harvard Law School. He has been published in business and academic journals in the US and across Europe, his most recent paper "Peer-to-Peer Networking and Policy" appearing in "Cyber Policy and Economics in an Internet Age" (Kluwer Academic Publishers).

Contact: Eric de Fontenay


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