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Board Chaired By Sir George Martin Now Comprises 35 Top Names in the Music

San Francisco, CA, February 17, 2000 -- Brian Eno, DJ Lethal, Steve Earle,
Steve Lillywhite and George Massenburg - five of the most respected players
in the music industry - have agreed to sit on the Advisory Board of, the Internet music company dedicated to identifying and
signing the hottest of the emerging bands. The Advisory Board is chaired by
Sir George Martin and now comprises 35 top music industry creatives and
professionals. The announcement of the five new appointees was made jointly
by co-founders Jerry Harrison and Tom Zito at Gavin Seminar
2000 which is taking place in San Francisco.

The 35 member Advisory Board reads like a Who's Who of the
music business with each of its members having played a significant role in
shaping today's most popular music and influencing its hottest new
musicians. The Advisory Board's collective impact is no more evident than
in the incredibly diverse music genres and styles that bands from all over
the world are uploading onto the website for rating and
review and the opportunity to win a quarter million dollar recording

In addition to working with winning bands, members of the
Advisory Board also have an opportunity to connect directly with any band
that might catch their attention as a result of having uploaded a song for
rating and review. In the next few months plans to launch a
series of chat rooms and interactive website events featuring personalities
on the Advisory Board. On a rotation basis, members will be available to
answer questions from musicians and other website visitors and also be
available to offer creative input and advice.

In an industry where mediocrity often times reigns supreme, the five
additions to the Advisory Board are key players on the scene as a result of
their ground-breaking contributions with beats and lyrics. Brian Eno, whose
career spans three decades, is revered by musicians around the world for
his technological innovation and pioneer ambient efforts. In addition to
his own hit work, Eno has also been sought after as a producer for such
multi-platinum talent as David Bowie, U2,Devo and Talking Heads. D.J.
Lethal, a.k.a. Leor DiMant, is the producing whiz and
man-behind-the-turntables for the chart-topping rap/rock hybrid Limp
Bizkit. No new-comer to the scene, however, Lethal has worked as a
producer, engineer and mixer for numberous hit acts including Sugar Ray and
House of Pain. Steve Earle, songwriter, musican and producer remains one of
the most innovative forces in country music and is recognized as the
pioneer of alternative country with its hard southern rock/punk sound. His
LP "Guitar Town" (MCA) captured the #1 spot on the Billboard country chart,
solidifying his position as part of the music powerati. Record producer
Steve Lillywhite, brings a discography of a true veteran. Since 1972, his
talent has helped him earn many gold and platinum plaques from work with
top names from Siouxsie & the Banshees to U2 and Peter Gabriel.

Finally, George Massenburg, a pioneer in sound reinforcement, the premier
designer of mixer boards for such artists as Linda Ronstadt, Earth, Wind &
Fire, Little Feat and 10,000 Maniacs and designer of the first parametric
equalizer. George's dedication to delivering the purity of the artist's
sound is legendary..

In welcoming the newest music industry luminaries, Chairman Sir George
Martin said, "It's fantastic. The latest additions to our Advisory Board,
as well as those who are already aboard, prove that is an
important site for creative musicians on a global scale."

Since its launch, has attracted to its Advisory Board some
of the most important names in the music business, representing virtually
every aspect of it. Other music heavyweights include: Pete Anderson
(producer); Joe Boyd (producer); Greg Calbi (mastering); Joe Chiccarelli
(engineer); Karl Derfler (producer); Jim Dickinson (musician/producer);
Stephen Hague (producer/musician); Ted Jensen (mastering); Dave Jerden
(recording engineer); Stiff Johnson (producer); Paul Kolderie
mixer/producer); Clive Langer (producer); Nick Launay (producer); Stephen
Lironi (producer); Jay Mark (engineer/mixer); Doug McKean (engineer); Rick
Nowels producer/songwriter/ musician); Tim Palmer (mixer/producer); Bob
Rock (producer); Johnny Sandlin (producer); Sean Slade (mixer/producer);
Caleb Southern (producer); Ed Stasium (engineer/producer); Philip Steir
(musician/producer); David Vartanian (producer/engineer); Mervyn Warren
(musician/tenor/producer); Dave Way (engineer/mixer); Matthew Wilder
(composer/producer) and Alan Winstanley (producer). was launched in October 1999 as the site where new and
emerging bands can have their music heard and reviewed by their peers,
i.e., other musicians and dedicated fans. Those bands that are rated the
most popular win a $250,000 recording contract and are paired in the studio
with producers and other industry professionals who may sit on the Advisory Board. The company awarded its first quarter
million dollar recording contract last December. A second "Final Countdown"
is currently underway on the website ( with a new winner
expected to emerge early next month.


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