Music Industry News Network [05-02-2002]

David Pullman, The Financier Who Rocked The Music Industry With Pullman Bonds, Is The Subject Of The International Bestselling Author Linda Davies, 'Something Wild'


NEW YORK -- David Pullman, the financial entrepreneur who rocked the music industry with the invention of the "Pullman Bonds," the first for David Bowie, and who single-handedly invented a new hybrid of investing based on the securitization of music entertainment and other intellectual property, has inspired the first work of fiction to deal with intellectual property in the music business.

Already a hit in the UK, the plot for The International Best-selling novel "Something Wild," by Linda Davies is loosely based on Pullman's 1997 groundbreaking deal for David Bowie, which made financial history by raising $55 million through the issue of bonds backed by the future royalties of music. The storyline is an investment banking mystery thriller of the first rock star to do a $100 million Pullman Bond named Redford.

Protecting and owning intellectual property has become one of the most contentious issues for artists and the entertainment industry in the 21st century. Linda Davies' novel is the first work of fiction to explore these issues. Prior to writing novels, Mrs. Davies worked for seven years as an investment banker in New York, London and Eastern Europe and is a graduate of Oxford University. Inspired by her city career, she left to write her first novel, Nest of Vipers, a smashing success published in 37 countries and a million best seller. She spent three years living in Peru and now lives in London with her husband and their two sons. Since meeting on her research for the book, Linda and David have become great friends. Something Wild is her fourth novel.

"I was so honored when I heard that a best-selling author of Linda Davies' caliber was writing a novel based on my first deal with David Bowie," said David Pullman, Founder, Chairman and CEO of the Pullman Group. "Intellectual property continues to grow and is now a trillion dollar market. Linda's book gives readers a look at how exciting this industry can be."

David Pullman is the creative driving force behind The Pullman Group, LLC and it was his groundbreaking 1997 deal with David Bowie that inspired part of the plot for Mrs. Davies latest novel. Pullman has since pioneered the field of Celebrity Pullman Bonds based on income derived from music, entertainment and intellectual property royalties. Pullman invented the concept of these bonds, which enables recording artists and songwriters to raise funds secured by future royalties of their work. Today, these are known as "Pullman Bonds."


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