Music Industry News Network [06-29-2001]

A Secure Compact Disc, Game Over Folks When You Apply It To A Total Solution


A Secure Compact Disc, Game Over Folks When You Apply It To A Total Solution

By Sam Emerson

After the tremendous response from yesterday’s article I have decided to follow it up by outlining the solution everyone in the music business needs to understand. Again, by cutting through all of the false hope, another start up not in California gets it right. SunnComm of Phoenix, Arizona has created a technology called MediaCloQ, which if you have been following this industry, has protected Charley Pride’s CD from being ripped off. No to silence the critics who claim to have gotten copies from file sharing services, those copies are second generation copies. Folks, lets be reasonable here, when the sound hits the wires and becomes analog, its free game, nothing can stop that. But SunnComm has accomplished something great. Even though they make it difficult to steal a copy, a digital version of the album is available. So shut up and start paying, or at least save some money for the next album to be released hopefully from someone other than Charley Pride. If you work for a record label, hit the control key and “c” key and steal what I am about to say and place it into a document, present it to your boss and soon you will take his/her place.

The demand for music will not stop, the demand for digital downloadable or streamed music will not stop, customers are becoming disenfranchised with this whole war thing, and ultimately as a vendor you must offer something to the consumer that they see reasonable value in to part with their hard earned money. Therefore satisfy the demand. The perfect system is as such:

At the point of a finished mastered product, wrap it with IBM’s EMMS and apply every rule your imagination can think of, especially super distribution. EMMS is the best DRM in the market, let Intertrust and Microsoft duke it out, oh and by the way kiss your investments in Intertrust good bye, the DRM is buggy and they have engaged Microsoft into a legal battle, something that will eat up all available capital, hell the US government could even beat them and they have nuclear weapons! At the point of manufacture, insert MediaCloQ from SunnComm. This will protect your CD from copying and best of all it works in a regular old CD player. In addition add the Vedalabs Media Engine branded with the artist’s brand to the CD. Either pre-load protected EMMS content onto the CD or through the Vedalabs Media Engine have it connect to enable downloading or streaming of that music. Let users share music in a protected manor with the Vedalabs Media Engine and EMMS’s super distribution capabilities. Use the demographic information to finally understand your customer and their musical tastes. Push out new acts, establish a relationship with the fans of the music. And finally give them the CD at a reasonable price along with the protected digital copy, is it just me or is this too simple? Whose technologies win? Nearly everyone, both Vedalabs and IBM provide an open architecture so who cares about what format the file is in, and I don’t think SunnComm care either. The losers: Real Networks, who likes them anyway, Liquid Audio, that’s what you get for having a business model that’s a moving target, and Intertrust, come on guys you had your chance. Ultimately all the customer has to do to enjoy good music, even Charley Pride is just “PressPlay” no pun intended.

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