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New Single Review: RGF - "Spanish Orange"


RGF is a band based in Omaha, Nebraska. With these people I just knew that sometimes less is more and you can actually do stuff with very few resources in order to create a decent project with a very low budget. Thereís no need for big productions or flashy stuff, just hard work and persistence. RGF is the perfect example of getting the desired results of doing everything by yourself.

The formation of this band is the classical four men act, just like it was done in the good old school, with J Zun at the microphone spreading his message though his lyrics, sharing RGFís gospel (Yeah!), Scott whose business gets real serious by playing the bass, Noah is at the percussions hitting stronger and harder than ever; and last but not least Barry, the guy that makes the guitar cry.

The band is one of those you come across and they just seem to be in charge of everything they do, not only theyíre very skilled at what they do, but also they seen to be self-sufficient by ding their own stuff and leaving everything within their very own creation, thatís what I can say about the artwork for the single, nothing too pretentious or way too flashy, it just does what it has to do, serving as a presentation and the rest itís all on the music.


I got to hear the song ďSpanish OrangeĒ by seeing the official video which is also very interesting and I guess it has a hidden message in the imagery used in it. Itís like nothing Iíve seen before, it was somehow funny and disturbing, but Iíll be honest: I liked it. The aesthetics employed in the edition of this video was also something that catches your attention, when you see it you just gotta keep watching no matter what.

The heavy guitars, the bass line, the percussions and the voice just sound like the Sex Pistols from the 80ís. Itís very savage and daring, no fear, no shame, no mercy, just the things a lot of rebels like (and want) to hear. In a mainstream world this is our great escape from that processed and packaged music destined just for the sake of selling albums, these people comes to show us a way outside of the shiny plastic box weíre living in.

Their raw honesty and hard work in writing, composing, arranging and promoting on their own is what has get them to be on rotation in several college radio stations (eighty to be precise). As you can see these guys are making a statement and itís spreading to the younger generations.

RGF currently have 12 scheduled dates for live performances, in several cities like their hometown Omaha, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Topeka and Austin-Texas. Check their official website and donít miss the chance of seeing these guys live.

Donít forget to visit RGFís official sites and social media in order to stay tuned for news, further releases, album details, performances, shows and bookings.

By Jose Carlos


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