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Music Review By Emidio Vaz For Backroom Blues Volume Six By Various Artists (Bongo Boy Records)


Record Label: Bongo Boy Records
Music Review by Emidio Vaz

Blues is a music Genre that originated by African Americans in the Deep South of the U.S.A. It was a way to express thoughts, feelings and just the way of Life in the Deep South. Blues has come a long way since, in terms of the way the Blues channels off to Roadhouse Blues to Chicago Blues, Delta Blues and of course Powder Blues, to mention a few.

On this compilation of various Blues Artists come together to share their experience of the Blues.

1. DAVE FIELDS: CHILD OF THE WORLD - More of a Roadhouse Blues track, the guitar work accompanying the vocals, that takes one back to a smoky, hazy Roadhouse bar atmosphere that truly brings out the Blues that’s being performed.

2. THE WILDCAT O'HALLORAN BAND: 51 RIGHT 49 WRONG - On this particular track, I find a heavy dose of Delta Blues mixed with Chicago Blues that gives us a fusion of both, the latter part of the track a sprinkle of Jazz, is notable a frenzy of a mix of Blues, of more a traditional style.

3. E.G.HOLMES: HOT BLOODED 4 U - A Blues and Jazz flavour piece of Blues with piano coming through and vocals dictating the guitar playing on an enjoyable blend of Blues that will have you moving to this track.

4. CAUGHT WITH CANDY: YOUR FAVORITE HELLO - Mellow seductive setting is the intro to this piece of Blues that is Jazz filled that has one surrounded by a Ballroom setting, delivering this mix of Blues.
The vocals staying very seductive through this piece, that has the track halfway into picking up somewhat, but not much, without changing any of the instrumental parts.

5. BIG BONE DADDY: COME TO ME - Chicago Blues setting, harmonica filled, becoming more of a Rock/Blues mix as we get further into the track a Doctor John effect in the later stages, having a raspy Blues vocals that set the order for this track.

6. PLAINFIELD SLIM: ROLL DOWN YOUR STOCKINGS - An assertive intro with a roadside Blues effect coming through and delivering on a Led belly guitar contributing to a dignifying sport of riffs and hard-hitting Blues.

7. REVIS JOHNSON: SHOULDA COULDA WOULDA - Another example of Blues and Funk mix giving us this powerful yet laid back Blues that detects shades of Gospel with saxophone taking over in a very choreographed piece of Blues and having magnified vocals at the fore front.

8. E.G.HOLMES: BUSTED FEAT DAVID VANDEN ENDEN - The second of three tracks on this Blues Volume Six compilation by E.G. HOLMES. Certainly, more of a Delta feel to this track with deeper felt like verses, the guitar holding a progression of notes longer on this more characteristic traditional style of Blues.

9. CHARLES BROWN: DUSTIN MY BROOM - Delivering a high energy blend of Rock Blues that has the guitar do the talking and echoing throughout this power Rock/Blues having pulled out all the stops along the way.

10. GAR FRANCIS: BLUE CADILLAC - A harder Blues track that introduces the Rockabilly feel to it. There again forking off to another dimension of Blues, that’s very gratifying in bringing in that special harmonica sound.

11. BLUESTAMTAM: SHES GONE - A slower piece of Blues, having that Delta feel to it and introducing a taste of Jazz and having a slight edge of harmonica adding to this track.

12. E.G.HOLMES: ROAD TO LONG - Here we have another typical Blues track, from E.G.Holmes that we have been accustomed to from his previous work on this compilation.

13. ROCKO PAOLO WITH KEVIN REES: SUMMER NIGHTS IN MISSISSIPPI - A Very laid back Blues track that makes you feel the summer nights in Mississippi a lazy Blues intro, with a mood setting, story telling piece with a guitar inlay having this track wanting to sip whisky.

14. GAR FRANCIS: SINCE SHE’S BEEN GONE - A very heavy dose of Jazz been mixed in with swing influences this particular Blues piece a very well timed piece of influential lyrics and beat.

15. SUSAN SURFTONE: BLUE GUITAR - Giving it that visual of a female front woman, that being a very Sexual part of the Blues, giving it that Eta James Feel to it and coming to know that the female is actually the guitar doing the talking.

BACKROOM BLUES VOLUME SIX: Brings the talent of each individual artist, in some cases having the same artists introduce several different blend of Blues and of course the Blues always being the Subject in different styles and flavours. Whether its Spiritual Delta or Chicago flavour Blues, one is certain to find that particular itch of whatever the craving may be for the Blues that one desires.

Album Review Written by : EMIDIO VAZ ( London, Ont. Canada) Radio Host of Emidio’s Rock Den Bringing together the finest Indie Rock, Metal & Blues Music. Live on 365RadioNetwork Mondays and Wednesday 4pmEDT and syndicated on iSpin Radio Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays at 9pmEDT.


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