Music Industry News Network [03-07-2018]

Indie Electro Duo LET'S MARS Release New Single "DEDICATED"


The duo say of the single: “We decided to record “Dedicated” because we felt it carries a combination of melancholy and happiness that was ideally suited to our aesthetic. We chose to release it as our next single because it brings Oren back to his youth and we both agreed it was a good way to pay tribute to the Tel Aviv scene where we met and started our partnership”

The product of nearly three years of studio experimentation and songwriting craft, LET’S MARS are a special proposition. The duo’s uniquely personal, effortlessly accessible music is the result of the seemingly unlikely songwriting and recording collaboration of American singer Talia Londoner, a Los Angeles native who previously harbored no ambitions of a musical career, and Israeli multi-instrumentalist Oren Emanuel, a seasoned musician and producer with an extensive resume in the realm of electronic music.

Based in the emerging creative mecca of Tel Aviv,LET’S MARS makes music that’s bright and uplifting yet possesses a dark twist, combining catchy melodic songcraft, inventive sonic settings and heartfelt, emotionally rich lyrics that resonate with insight and humanity. Their expansive sound merges the D.I.Y. digital sampling techniques, timeless R&B grooves, propulsive bass lines and Londoner’s intoxicating, expressive vocals.

The duo’s upcoming debut album ‘Always 15 Minutes Late’ embodies the adventurousness and universal appeal that make Let’s Mars special, and Talia and Oren are looking forward to sharing those qualities with the rest of civilization.


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