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Music With A Purpose Alternative Rock Band Slowlights Releases Single Wicked Bones With Jazz Influence


“Spirit goes off on its Own, Finding Love Like You’ve Never Known … Leaving Just Your Wicked Bones”

Baltimore, MD (March 6, 2018)… Five musicians from Maryland are out to change the world with their music. Their first album, Slow Lights LP, features nine songs written by Asa Kurland that resonates with the human condition. The tracks cohesively flow as the story is told and seem universal as it transcends age, culture, and genre. “Wicked Bones” adds to music that feeling of elation when the spirit, without attachment, reaches a higher plane of existence.

The Jamwich review said “The Album is multi-layered…the sounds of horns …blistering guitar solos, catchy lyrics and captivating vocals. Wicked Bones is the funkiest song on the album. Introspection is apparent in the lyrics but the tune is nothing but upbeat” When interviewed for the review Asa said, “To me writing music embodies the vast and small simultaneously. It is a fantastic way of promoting harmony in our struggling communities and that aspect makes me want to write about the real issues of the world.”

Words cannot relay the feel of music.

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Slow Lights is currently filming the music video for Wicked Bones and it will be available in the coming months. They are in the process of recording their follow up album and will be in the studio during that time as well!

About: Slow Lights, LLC is dedicated to creating music with a purpose. Our songs include commentary on life, love, politics and enlightenment. The aim is to lift your mind and spirit to a wider view of the human condition.

Slow Lights. Music with a Purpose.


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