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New Single Review: Last Charge Of The Light Horse - "What If"


Last Charge of the Light Horse, a band best known for their versatile music, is out with a new album, Race to the Sound. It features the track, “What If,” which is a gorgeous song. The band that started off in 2004, meant to be for singer Jean-Paul Vest’s unique sound. It currently consists of Vest, Shawn Murray (drums), Bob Stander (lead guitar), and Pemberton Roach (bass). They have an interesting sound that never grows dull, as they’re always experimenting to create new and dynamic music.

The song starts off, with Vest singing almost immediately- while I love well-established intros, as a person who is easily enamoured with lyrics, this is something I tend to prefer. Vest’s voice is soft and easy to listen to. It has character and a lot of heart. The quality reminded me a little bit of the Pet Shop Boy’s Neil Tennant (missing, obviously, is the accent you can hear clearly in Tennant’s voice). All in all, the vocals on this track give one a calming feeling that meshes well with the music itself.

The drum work is the biggest star of this song, I believe. Murray did a wonderful job. They not only set the base for “What If,” but they take center stage with a great rhythm and masterful talent. The guitar also gently carries you through the melody beautifully and the bass compliments it well. My favorite part is around the middle of the song, when you can very clearly hear the bass. It adds a cool element and another layer that works really well- I wish it was clear for a little longer throughout “What If,” but then it wouldn’t feel as special. Every part of the song blends beautifully into a track that you’ll want to come back to and experience again.

The song opens immediately with, “What if we didn’t punish ourselves for what we’re not? / Stopped wishing for some other heaven, and the one we’ve got. / What if you didn’t try to impress someone lost in your past?” It struck a chord with me and demanded that i pay attention to the rest of the song. Sadly, there isn’t another part that really stuck with me. I almost wish those lyrics were able to be somewhere else in the song. Starting strong is a great thing, but only if the lyrics can keep the consistency. With that said, it’s still solid and leaves you thinking about the past that you’re still holding onto and if it’s time to move on. That’s something that a lot of people struggle with, so I appreciate the importance of this track.

Overall, “What If” is a great track from a beautiful album, one that Last Charge of the Light Horse put a lot of work into to make it a great experience for their listeners. They packed a lot of passion into one song alone, and it’s definitely worth the listen. If you enjoy soft rock with thoughtful lyrics, then Last Charge of the Light Horse is the perfect band for you.

Victoria Patterson


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