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Recording Artist Paul Bibbins Is Burning Down The Wall Of Political Chaos, With His NEW Provocative Song "Ten Days To Burn It Down



With unparalleled Hendrix-inspired heavy rock guitar power, Recording Artist Paul Bibbins is burning down the wall of political chaos, and fake news with his NEW provocative song "Ten Days to Burn it Down (a requiem for the 45th)".

The Ten Days to Burn it Down album is populated with spectacular Hendrix inspired original rock 'n roll.....that kicks off with a funky-assed anti-Trump anthem that'll knock your socks off. It would seem that Mr. Bibbins has drawn a new line in the sand for electric guitar players.

"Ten Days to Burn it Down (a requiem for the 45th)" is a reaction to what's going on in American politics today. The song asks the listener to consider that if they were given one day, or a few days, or even ten days, “could they burn it down?” Meaning, could they find the time to participate in burning down the wall of political chaos, and fake news that now encases this country; and help make the change that is necessary to restore faith in the American political order. It's the perfect song for people who might be feeling buyer's remorse after their vote in the 2016 Presidential election.

Jimi Hendrix is, by far, Paul's biggest musical influence. He tries to approach guitar playing and songwriting in the manner that Jimi did. Mr. Bibbins says that Stevie Ray Vaughn is his second biggest influence. You can't really hear Stevie Ray in Paul’s guitar playing; but like Hendrix, he is a huge influence in the guitar player’s attack and approach to guitar playing. The thing that he admires most about Jimi and Stevie Ray as guitar players, is their power. They both played guitar with almost unparalleled power.

Back in the 1970's, when the guitar playing bug first bit Paul, it was the sounds of the electric guitar that did it for him. Specifically the licks and riffs produced by the guitarists on all those great 1970's rock 'n roll and funk rock radio hits. That's what made Paul pick up the guitar in the first place. But the thing that has made him stick with the guitar throughout the years is the fact that as an instrument, you can bend an electric guitar to your will more than any other instrument. You can make an electric guitar do whatever you want it to do, and produce whatever sounds you want; as long as you're willing to work at it.

Paul started out playing guitar as a righty in 1973; but six months later he discovered the "big bang" of Jimi Hendrix. Being young and impressionable, he wanted that "authentic" Jimi Hendrix look. So he bought a right-handed Fender Strat, re-strung it left-handed; and has been playing guitar left-handed ever since that time. A "sane" guitar player would have just bought a left-handed Strat, re-strung it right-handed, and continued playing guitar as a righty. But Paul has never claimed to be sane.

"With a millennium of experimentation already in the rear view mirror it's almost impossible to develop original licks. Yet, by the divine sanction of Hendrix it has been done here, creating one of the most hard-hitting blues songs we've heard this year." - Akademia Music Awards

Song List:

1. Ten Days to Burn it Down (a requiem for the 45th) 04:47
2. Ever the Fire, Forever the Wind 06:18
3. Ballad for the Rock Children 04:32
4. Oh Woman, Sweet Woman 04:17
5. Run 03:31
6. Insight (Part 2) 05:20
7. Stone Cold Monday 08:15
8. The Sun is Fallin' in 05:31
9. 'Til the 6th of Saturn 07:40
10. My Fires Burn 04:07
11. Eagle's World Blues 10:12


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