Music Industry News Network [03-05-2018]

Lord Ivan’s “Looka” & “Chips”



How many other rappers do you know about earn their living playing poker and owns a brokerage empire that leases jets and yachts? Well meet Lord Ivan. He’s an internationally ranked professional poker player who participates in celebrated tournaments worldwide and he and his family own the G-Yachts and the Jetcraft companies. He also has a solo career as a rap artist. So to say the least, he’s a pretty interesting kind of guy.

Currently he’s released 2 singles. Looka is the first of the two, it hit the radio charts within weeks of its release and it’s still going strong. He followed up Looka with Chips (perhaps a bit of a wink and a nod to his poker playing activities?) and that one too landed on the charts. While Looka pretty much stuck to the hip-hop, Top 30 and Top 40 airplay chart formats his multilingual Chips (it’s a bilingual ditty in both English and French) not only placed in those aforementioned categories it also migrated on to the World Music play lists. So I guess it really pays off to be able to speak in more than one tongue, especially if you’re an international, jet-setting playboy kind of guy. It appears this Lord Ivan chap is a man of mystery and intrigue.

Both singles are well produced and Lord Ivan holds his own on the microphone. As a composer and lyricist he brings a fair share of talent to the table. When not dealing yachts, jets and cards he makes well polished music videos that give us all a glimpse into what it’s like to lead a life of privilege and glamour. After all, he is an actual Lord affiliated with royal families spanning across 3 different continents. Luckily for us and through theses videos he is able to share his popping bottles with models lifestyle and music making abilities vicariously with commoners such are we. And for this we should give thanks and praise to the good Lord.

Not content to stay sequestered within his ivory castle Lord Ivan does take to the stage to perform from time to time. Presently he’s included in the spring Canadian Promo Tour with Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr., or better known as the rapper Nelly, and Lord Ivan is slated to open for Nelly when he appears at L’Olympia Theater in Montreal at the end of March. Word form Lord Ivan’s publicist is that other dates will be announced in the near future. So until then the best we peasants can do is to keep tab on the young Lord’s Facebook account to see what’s in the cards for him next:


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