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Her Ye, Hear Ye! DYGGZ Releases "4Real4Real"



Hip-hop performer and composer DYGGS, originally from Jamaica, but now living in Chesapeake, VA, and about to make the move to Dallas, TX, is keeping it real on "4Real4Real". With the punch of contemporary production techniques he bridges the gap of the old school sound and comes up with a powerful mix that hits his listeners hard. Most importantly of all is that he keeps it a straight up one-hundred all along the way while he's doing it. And that's the word on the word on the street, my friends.

Not taking any time out to rest on the laurels of his past releases DYGGS is working it righteously on the radio, strutting it with swagger on the stage and laying it down like no one else in the game. Hey, hey, looking at local radio station's charts, picking up the newspapers to check on the concert listings, or scanning the Spotify play lists, DYGGS will be doing it DYGGS-style 24-7-365. Opportunity has knocked for this artist and "4Real4Real" is opening the doors in his career that had formerly been closed to him.

After a recent performance at The Curtain Club in Dallas, DYGGS was invited to join the Mad Man Tour with A$AP Ferg and Denzel Curry that's slated to kick off the first leg on March 9th. DYGGS will be stopping off in Austin, TX, to appear at the legendary SXSW convention and will bring his talent to the Music Ranch Artist stage on March 17th, which of course St. Patrick's Day (so there will be tight security at this event and all Leprechauns will be required to leave their pots of gold, along with any weapons, at the door). A still TBA date will soon be announced for New York City.

A North American radio and press campaign has already been launched to promote "4Real4Real". Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop and Rhythmic radio stations have been the broadcaster target and "4Real4Real" has been sharing chart positions with the likes of Jay-Z, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and the various artists from the new Black Panther movie soundtrack album. Can a Grammy Award be that far off in the future for DYGGS and "4Real4Real"?

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