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New Single Review: Fox & Coyote - 'Blue Marble'


Minneapolis-based band Fox & Coyote are out with a new single called, “Blue Marble”. It is off of the album, Scattered Shadows on a Double Bed, what is being labeled as an ambitious and dynamic record that, if this single is any indication, certainly rings true. The band is made up of original duo, Ryan Evans (lead vocals,guitar) and Jonathan Harms (lead vocals, banjo, keys), along with Katherine Canon (cello, vocals), Grant Gordon (upright and electric bass), and Kenny Befus (drums).

This song is a flurry of emotion and discordant sound. At first, it seems uniform enough, with a beautiful opening that has an incredible layered sound. The longer it goes on, however, the tone shifts. It gains an atmospheric quality that leaves you uneasy, both on account of the dueling sounds and rhythms and the haunting vocals. The last minute of the song is so quiet you have to turn up your volume to be able to make out the soft melody, which adds to the surreal feeling this song has.

Video: Blue Marble:

There is a level of distress and dread that washes over you as you listen to “Blue Marble” that might seem unpleasant at first, but you’ll find yourself enjoying the song as a result of it. Immersion is a tricky tool that Fox & Coyote mastered in this track, diving straight into a story and a world you don’t quite comprehend. It’s a dizzying experience that I found very impressive. Anything that can make you feel so much without asking you to relate your own experiences has quite a bit of power to it.

The video for “Blue Marble” is unsettling and left me more confused by the story behind this song than I already was. However, it felt compelling and raw in a way that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. If you’re bothered by ants, this is not the music video for you. It features a paper puppet show with an ant, a bird, and a rat later on. It has a story that is up for interpretation, depending on how dark you would like to go, concerning an uninterested party and an ant’s diet.

“And I wonder if the moon looks down on us in fright / I guess we make a pretty light,” is the lyric that has been stuck in my head since first listening. I can’t quite make sense of the story “Blue Marble” is trying to tell, but this struck a chord within me. Every word is sung with such passion and strength, it’s impressive, but the second part of this lyric is the one that stands out the most. It has such power, it commands your undivided attention. If you’re focusing on something else, that line will drag you back into this intricate world that Fox & Coyote created.

“Blue Marble” is an utterly unique experience that, while it may not be suitable for all listeners, is exactly the thought-provoking and deeply layered song that many may be looking for. Fox & Coyote have acquired a mastery of complex rhythms, intricate music, and powerful vocals that makes such an ambitious sound they have work beautifully. I eagerly anticipate Scattered Shadows on a Double Bed and all of Fox & Coyote’s future work.

By Tori Patterson


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