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New Single Review: Claudia Norris - "Say Yes" From The Album 'Nashville Songwriting Sessions'


Alberta, Canada native Claudia Norris is out with her new song, “Say Yes.” Norris is a singer and songwriter who’s been writing for almost a decade. She is also a makeup artist who’s just as passionate about it as she is her music. “Say Yes” is a short but sweet song that that’s about getting out of town for a while and making fun memories with someone you love.

The best thing about “Say Yes” has to be Norris’ voice. It is a joy to listen to. Soft and full of heart, her voice sounds so genuine and idealistic. It’s what makes the song work so well, and I had a hard time trying not to smile when her vocals exude so much brightness- it’s a very visceral sensation and it’s the most charming part of “Say Yes.”

The music is light and fun to listen to. It isn’t especially unique but it’s pretty and gentle. It’s a poppy sound with a fun rhythm that will make you sway in time. There is a hint of a country influence, which Norris incorporates in her music. It’s not as apparent in “Say Yes”, but listeners can probably pick up on the elements if they listen to enough modern country music. The acoustic guitar is my favorite element. It really brings home the entire vibe she’s looking for in the song and it works brilliantly.

The lyrics are fittingly cute and fills you with a gentle hope and a sense of longing for an adventure of your own with a special someone. I’m a sucker for songs about getting away, especially when they simplify the process. “Say Yes” is essentially about how Norris is ready to ditch the winter weather. “I don’t wanna build a snowman / No, this winter wonderland ain’t so wonderful when we can make angels in the sand,” is my favorite part of the song. I can’t particularly relate, as I love winter though I live in a much warmer location, so I can see why we can’t agree on this.

“Say Yes” sounds like a song you can and should hear on the radio. After a few listens I was singing along, but it doesn’t feel complete without having a car full of people singing down the road. It makes you feel the warmth that Norris is longing for. “Say Yes” feels so effortlessly happy and bright. She truly captured what she wants and put it in a song. Not to mention how impressive it is to have an entire verse that’s just explaining how they can afford manage to sound so fun and enjoyable. While I’m not hating the chilly weather, I definitely want to go to the beach now because of this.

I adore this song, and I think most people who light pop would love to hear it. It’s happiness and freedom in song form. Claudia Norris has a great quality in her music and I can’t wait to hear more from her in the future.

Victoria Patterson


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