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Trump Parody Band “Build The Wall” Releases Video For Tax The Homeless.



Date: February, 19th 2018
Contact: Mike Diamond / Publicist 443-447-4325
Trump parody band “Build The Wall” releases video for Tax the Homeless.

[BALTIMORE, MD, Febuary 19, 2018] The infamous “Build The Wall” band has released their 1st music video for their song “Tax the Homeless”. The video was released on Saturday February 17th and by the next day had racked up over 2000 views.

“An impressive feat for a previously unknown act” said Mike Diamond, (Manta Ray Records) “Build The Wall is gaining fans rapidly, due to the current political climate. We are looking for this act to really pick up steam as Americans head into the mid-term elections”.

Build The Wall began during the 2016 Republican primaries. Alec Parker and Marshall Veth never expected it to go beyond the election, it was just a personal project on Bandcamp for fun and artistic fulfillment. However, when Trump won the election they were stunned like everyone else, and the band became a reality. The group is not an impersonation of Trump, but of the attitudes he and his supporters embrace. A hilarious look at today's United States, through the eyes of two ridiculous practitioners of the “Trump-ian” philosophy. They did their 1st official gig on the night of the inauguration and have been going ever since.

They were signed to local Baltimore label, Manta Ray Records, and have been recording songs with producer Ingvar Jacobson. The 2 song single “Tax The Homeless” b/w “The Pipeline is Good” was released through Manta Ray Records in April of 2017.

Since then, Build The Wall has been doing their live rallies in the Baltimore/DC metro area. They start their show with (in their opinion) “the best version of the National Anthem ever!” and admonishing those who do not stand for the song. Then launching into a verbal bashing of liberals and calling their audience “Cucks”, they'll assault the listener with songs like “World War III” and “Jesus Was White”.

Manta Ray Records will release on April 20th, the band's anti-marijuana song “Just Say No”.
Build The Wall's music is released by Manta Ray Records and distributed through The Orchard.

For more information or to set up an interview with the band
Contact Mike Diamond at 443-447-4325


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