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Matt Talley Seeks Out Heroes And Records With Them On His New EP 'The In Between'


Some say that you shouldn't meet your heroes. Baltimore Alt-Rocker Matt Talley is of the mindset that not only should you meet them, but if you get the chance, you should also work with them. He tells us all about how he got the chance to work with Matt Hoopes of Relient K and Stephen Keech of Haste the Day on his upcoming EP.

"One of my best friends, Adam, moved to Atlanta a few years back and we'd only seen each other once or twice since. So we were trying to find a weekend to meet up, but I knew I wanted him to play guitar on the album, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone and planned a trip to Nashville.

"I reached out to a bunch of studios and some really cool ones got back to me. Places where Taylor Swift and John Mayer and all these huge names have recorded at some point, but the one I was most excited for and, honestly, the one I was holding out for was Dirty Denim Studio - co-owned by Stephen Keech of Haste the Day and Matt Hoopes of Relient K. Fast forward a month or so and I was in the studio with one of my best buds and two musicians I'd been listening to since I was a teenager.

"Leading up to that point, Adam and I had been sending guitar tracks back and forth to each other but there were still a few that we just couldn't figure out what to freaking play on them. Getting input from Keech and Hoopes was absolutely critical in making this album what it is now. To have those guys take an objective look at these songs and offer their opinions and talents was great. Also, how many people can say guys of that caliber played on their album? It's still kinda crazy to think about.

"I'm super grateful those guys took time out of their schedules to work with me and that they're on my album - but what I'm really grateful for is getting to see inside the world of guys that have made music their life - they're just normal guys with families and lives and dreams and concerns. It's always cool to gain perspective like that. Ultimately, I feel like I went to Nashville to record some guitars with one friend and I left Nashville having recorded guitars with three friends."

The album was mixed and produced by Tony Correlli of the Deep End Studio in Baltimore, MD. The intro track was recorded at Jack White's Third Man Records in Nashville, TN. Recorded guitars with Stephen Keech of Haste the Day and Matthew Hoopes of Relient K at Stephens studio in Nashville.

Track listing for The In Between
1. Acetate
2. Burn Away
3. Stained Glass Smile
4. Excommunicate
5. The In Between
6. Don't Make A Sound
7. Let Go

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