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Single Review: Nine Beats Collective - “Call ‘Em Out” Ft. Eric Leroy Wilson


Every song we listen to comes with a message that’s waiting for someone to hear. Don’t you agree? These days, music has transcended into different styles but if there’s one thing that remained constant, it’s that musicians or artists just keep on creating something new for everyone to hear.

Lately, songs with genius songwriting are hard to find. Sure, there are still quite a lot out there that releases music that will always make a mark to every listener all over the world. But we rarely come across music that makes us stop, think, and reflect.

Through Nine Beats Collective, music from different genres delivers that exact feeling to their fans. From pop, rock, jazz, rap, and many other, there’s definitely one track that will surely capture your attention.

When talented artists come together to create something groundbreaking, it’s always worth checking out. After all, it’s not every day that individuals of different talent decide to collaborate each of their tracks in one amazing album.

Recently, the collaborative effort from Nine Beats Collective sprung their debut record that’s worth looking out for. Once again, different artists with different genres, messages, and stories to tell work together to deliver a collection of music through their first album title “Nine Beats to the Bar”.

Nine Beats Collective is a group of collaborators making music about wisdom and faith. While their music is about these principles, this is definitely not just a worship album. It’s so much more. Each track has a message and story to tell and each one will surely make a mark to their listeners all over the world.

Among the song from the collection, one particular track caught my attention: “Call ‘Em Out.” The track features Eric Leroy Wilson and particularly brings rap, r&b, and hip-hop into one track. The song starts out strong with consistent melodic beats which are quite drawing.

When the track begins, it surely draws you in. This track really builds up well-starting slow with its beats and then opens up once the refrain comes in. With that, the song surely flows well and brings its listener for a ride.

When talking about the message, the song talks about the power of your inner self or your individuality. It reminds you that you are unique and your unique self needs to be called out in the open and always saying yes to the goodness of the world and saying yes to life in general. Listening to every word uttered, I can say that effective songwriting is a very powerful skill to possess.

Call ‘Em Out definitely transports listeners to a realization of the truth of one’s self. With its catchy beats, good rhythm, and powerful lyrics, it’s quite the feat. Uniqueness is also evident in the song’s melody. With that in mind, the song’s message is definitely personified with every beat and every tune.

With Call ‘Em Out plus other powerful tracks, the album is available to those who want a copy. You can buy it in vinyl or CD form but there are digital copies sold, too. You can get digital copies of the album through iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

- Franceska Shelley


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