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Any Media Savvy Bass Players From Auckland Looking For A Job? #musicmoney Meets Punk Pop Outfit Marnee Mayhem


Hi guys, tell us a little about yourselves:
We are 3 guys from Auckland, New Zealand, and our sound has been described as; 'Punk Pop Protest', 'Alternate Rock', and lots of other genres, (so many choices now!), but we just think of ourselves as a 'common' Rock Band', who just like telling things as they are. (in our opinion anyway).

Tell us about your latest track:
Our latest track is called; "ONLY IN AMERICA", which was written after the Las Vegas Massacre, to highlight the insanity of the American Gun Laws, in a so-called modern first world country. Check out the video.

Who inspires you?

Our music is generally inspired by great rock bands we've grown up listening to throughout our lives, and we haven't had much inspiration from the new insipid repetitive music that seems to come and go now, all sounding pretty much the same, with very few songs which could be remembered after a week or two as 'classics'. Most bands now just follow the standard boring tried and tired formulas, with eye catching videos, to relieve the boredom of the actual song. Still we admire the likes of 'Lorde', 'Ed', and 'Adele', for their genuine originality.

We hope to keep writing and playing original songs, please let us know if we start 'copping out' and become boring. However, I don't think there is much chance of that with so much rich 'fodder' in the media and with such a volatile world that we live in, there will always be an abundance of new material to inspire us.

Where can we check out your music?
All our songs are available on all the usual suspects; Spotify, Apple iTunes, google, Youtube, Amazon, CD Baby, Deezer, Tidal, iheart, and many other dodgy sites we have never heard of, and selling our music, we have yet to be paid. So we all hope you can have listen and get something out of our music. we enjoy making it. Cheers.

Tell the people something they need to know:
We are a very busy, although a bit of an underground band in our own country, New Zealand, but we have been getting a bit of pressure to get 'out there' and start playing some 'live' gigs. Any media savvy bass players from Auckland looking for a job? Being a male I find it hard to concentrate on two things at once. Give us a call? Tweet?

"SICX PAC", (2015).
1/ Get Me Outta Here, 2/ Facebook, 3/ Balls, 4/ Freedumb, 5/ Hardest Thing, 6/ Who Are We.

"BUNCH OF FIVES", (2016)
1/ Cleopatra, 2/ Yeah Right, (Lets Fight), 3/ Dead End Job, 4/ Boko Haram, 5/ Trash.

1/ Love Me Tinder, 2/ Cancun, 3/ United Nations, (Procrastinations), 4/ Mayhem, 5/ Dedication To Ben.

Also in the process of producing our next EP; "ONLY IN AMERICA", with 2 songs released so far; 1/ Only In America, and, 2/ Fake News.
This EP should be finished and on sale March/April. No Fillers!!


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