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Bongo Boy Records Features “WhensDay” By The Late Jennifer Nalley Aka Pixie Tourette On Revolution Volume One; The Punk Album By Various Artists. Drops On 2.23.18 Worldwide


Press Release
Belvidere, NJ
February 5, 2018

Roxylocks was born in 1996 in San Francisco, California when Jennifer Nalley met Josh Hill and they recruited a series of guitar players to form a trio that became a staple of the Bay Area music scene and included opening for future superstars such as Green Day. After working out a signature sound, Jennifer and Josh moved to Las Vegas where they met and started playing with guitarist Matt Torey. With the band lineup now solidified, and Jennifer using the stage name Pixie, due to her short Pixie-like haircut and as an homage to The Pixies, Roxkylocks was ready to make its debut album. The album is entitled Good Luck Sucker and was released in 1998 on Minor Label Records. Shortly after the release of Good Luck Sucker and realizing they had played nearly every venue in the Vegas area, including an AIDS benefit at the oldest theater in las Vegas, the Huntridge, with rave reviews of their CD by various Punk publications, such as Punk Planet, in-hand the band moved to Austin, Texas where they continued to play regularly in the famous 6th street area which is often called the LIVE music capital of the world. Austin rocks!

As with many bands, the pressure to "grow up and get a real job" or go back to finish an education (per mom and dad) also affected Roxylocks. Gradually each member went their separate ways but continued to enjoy a friendship and an occasional jam session. Jennifer, using her alias Pixie Tourette went on to help start modern Rollerderby. She and her friend who goes by the name Hydra, along with other founding members of the Texas Rollergirls, literally wrote the rules for a sport which is now played in almost every industrialized country on the planet. The sport is now broadcast on ESPN and the highest trophy a rollerteam can receive is known as the Hydra. Hydra was the first president of woman’s flat track derby and is also a scientist - A hydrologist to be exact.

Jennifer went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics with a minor in Mathematics from Texas State University at San Marcos and did an internship at NASA. Jennifer’s work contributed to the development and enhancement of the Mars rover and the International Space Station. Out of thousands of applicants, NASA took ten. Eight were from MIT, one was from Boeing and one was a little Punk Rock chick from Texas. Jennifer was a very sweet girl with an incredible sense of loyalty. It was that loyalty that brought her to the small isolated town of Driggs, Idaho. Jennifer's grandparents are both in their 90s and need some help with daily activities. Thus Jennifer, always the giver, moved to Driggs to help care for her grandparents. She had a cabin on the property which she and I referred to as 'The Club House'. Sadly, it was in the Club House that Jennifer was murdered.

Early in the morning of July 5th,2016 Jennifer was shot eight times in the back by a man she had dated for several months. He not only killed Jennifer, but also the baby, his baby, that he knew she was carrying. He murdered Jennifer in a brutal way by shooting her eight times in the back with hollow point bullets as she tried to escape this murdering evil monster.

In an effort to spread awareness of the problem of domestic violence, which happens everywhere. Bongo Boy records was kind enough to suggest adding one of Jennifer's songs to this album. PLEASE if you are in an abusive relationship, escape! Jennifer told no one that Eric was abusive when he drank. She, evidently, thought she could deal with the problem on her own. Little did she realize how violent Eric could become. Since Jennifer's murder our family has learned some surprising facts.

We have learned that Eric Martin Ohlson of Bradenton Florida sent text messages to his friend Erin Landry in Jackson Hole, Wyoming explaining that he was on his way to Driggs to commit a murder and that he wanted to make Jennifer beg for her life. Landry skates for the Jackson Hole Rollerderby team which is considered to be in the minor leagues of flat track rollerderby. We know that Eric sent these text messages because Landry testified in open court that she thought "it was funny".
It turns out that failure to warn someone they are in imminent danger is not a crime in the state of Wyoming. She knew for weeks, as documented by other text messages read in court, of how he planned to kill Jennifer. Erin Landry remains friends with the defendant.

We have also learned that according to the law, not just in Idaho, but in many states, the prosecutor is required by law to give the defense every piece of information they find. This is called discovery. The defense can then share that information with the defendant who can share it with anyone they like. The prosecutor is prohibited by law from sharing that same information with the victim's family. Therefore, we, as a family are supporting legislative initiatives in many states called Marsy's Law that would give the family members of victims the same rights as the accused. More information regarding Marsy's Law can be found at:

In closing, I would like to publicly thank Bongo Boy records for their support as well as the Teton Valley Family Safety Network ( whose mission is "to partner with individuals and communities to eliminate violence, abuse, and oppression in Teton Valley. We see a world without gender-based violence. We're taking steps to get there."

Any royalties from Jennifer's song on this album will be donated to the Teton Valley Family Safety Network. If you would like to support the Teton Valley Family Safety Network, please contact Emily Bilcher who is the Director of Client Services & Outreach at (208) 354-8057.

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." - Albert Einstein

Thank you,

John "The Grouch" Niendorf
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