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Single Review: Joe Jermano - "Reaching For Clouds"


This musical piece has a quality that is reflected with the pictures that correspond with the song. The cover photo is of a floating island that has a mystical quality. His photo that is on the Sound Cloud website is pop oriented and it brings in a psychedelic vibe. The song is about a battle of the mind.

Reaching for Clouds starts with a psychedelic sound which matches the cover well. The sound is slow building instrumentals pull you into the song. One of the lines from the song is, “There’s no explanation for the things in my mind.” This lyric also is a great way to illustrate the feeling that the song is conveying. It’s a song about floating in your mind. Wondering if you are sane or not.

Dreaming in Color is the album that Reaching for the Clouds is in. The cover for the album Dreaming in Color is of a beach where the sand meets the ocean. There is more water than is sand. Above the water is the sky, it’s a blue color with yellow streaked between it. Figures of birds fly in the sky. The most notable feature is the floating town centered in the top left of the cover. Water falls from the edge of it into the ocean water. The town has a lot of red and white colored clay apartment buildings; they look like the buildings that you would see associated with Italy. These apartments only cover the left of the isle. There is a cathedral style building, maybe a church in the middle right behind all of the apartments. On the right half of the isle and partly in front of the cathedral building is what appear to be trees. Then sheer cliff surrounds all of this and falls into a point that just floats above the ocean with water tricking off of it and into the waves bellow. It is a beautiful mystical scene. This mysticism matches the instrumental sounds from the song, Reaching for Clouds.

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The picture of Joe Jermano’s face that is linked with his Sound Cloud corresponds well with the song, Reaching for Clouds. His face is pink-purple with blue eyes and brown-red hair. His face is riddled with wavy lines of a darker color that matches his face outlined in white. The background is green with the outer background being blue. The texture of the picture is spotted and that erratic quality that it creates in the picture has relates back to the song splendidly.

Joe Jermano began his musical passion with a guitar when he was a child. Joe continued his musical studies with Len Brauling, a Jazz guitarist. Joe then also earned a degree in audio recording at the Columbia School of Music in Chicago. He brings his experience to light in his song, Reaching for Clouds. He weaves an interesting story in the mind discussing sanity. The photos that are associated with this song bring to light this theme and his experience. They appropriately illuminate what the listeners experience will be.


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