Music Industry News Network [02-01-2018]

Interview With Benny Boy

1- How long have you been and how's your path until now in the Music Industry???

- I’ve always casually did music, and release projects for family and friends; This next project will be my first attempt to break into the music industry.

2- What are your biggest achievements???

- I’ve won battle and music competitions, and have gotten awards. But being able to look myself in the mirror in the morning and say I did it my way, will always be the biggest achievement to me!

3- What's your latest release(s) an project(s) and what can you tell us about them???

- I have 2 singles currently out, right now. The first is called “Gotta Go”, a heartfelt apology to anybody that is affected by my decision to leave my hometown of Las Vegas to pursue my career. The second single is called “Joyride”, and it’s featuring a fellow Las Vegas native, JR Castro. They are both going to be on the upcoming project called “The Future” (stylized as “The Future:_”)...

4- What are your future plans???

- Releasing “The Future”, and all the goods that come with that. (videos, merch, touring, you know the usual)...

5- What do you like to tell to your supporters out there???

- Take an oath to reach for dreams and never settle for less. You deserve more.


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