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Stephen Thomas Presents Unknown Sound


“Find a way” is the newest of the music to be heard among the friends, family, and fans of ‘Universal’ artist Stephen Thomas. The single release is due to be released into the social music circuit very soon. As most of Stephen’s follower’s know he has been in a serious grind to get new music finished for this years lineup of opportunity in radio, distribution and through various recognition groups.

The goal is to get a step closer to the gold. The gold is the "Grammy" that fuels all music artist that identifies them as the best in their field of music. As most fans, and followers know Stephen, has been recognized and even considered

however, though he was not chosen it does not discourage his outlook it only paves the way to become even stronger and more focused says, Stephen.The music industry is a roll of the dice you go in knowing you get to do what you love with
an opportunity to experience the charge of sharing your music with those that like and support your

In the process you have fun and enjoy the opportunity knowing you could make it on a bigger
scale or, you may not either way you still get to
do what you love to do. Staying balanced and
realistic is the only way to go in and come out

The important thing is to try and always remember why you’re doing it and stay level headed and try
not to get caught up in the game so much that the competitiveness makes you overly zealous or emotional.
Because the competition can make you crazy if you let it. There is a lot to be said about how to approach the industry.

The new single “Find A Way” is a modernized message on how to search yourself problem solve and get back on track which is a message we all can at some point in life embrace.

Being able to share this message in the language all mankind understands in music is a wonderful concept for exchange.

In the meantime Stephen has his high beams on the prize staying focused and embracing the creative juices that keep him musically hydrated.

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