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Single Review: Jarel Portman – 'Runaway Blues'


Jarel Portman just released his new album titled “Supersonic” and it has received massive airplay with its new single track, “Runaway Blues.” Jarel Portman is the product of many influences, some acquired from his years of living by the sea coast, others from different cultures. One thing you will accept when you listen to “Runaway Blues” is that it is a product of a musical mind that is confident in its own capacity.

Jarel’s musical style is a blend of alt rock melodies, fused with blues and puts the song squarely in the progressive music category. You can hear the inspiration from the 90’s wasp through “Runaway Blues”, backed by a high-tempo melody is a groovy song that will get you moving around from the early beats. Musicians like Jared who are able to blend several different genres into their own unique sound always manage to create some magic. Jared is no different with a catchy chord that urges you to come along for a musical ride.

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One of the highlights of “Runaway Blues” is the lyrics of the song. There is a consistency with the theme of the song that showcases Jarel’s talents. You can tell that this is going to be one of the most popular rock songs this year. If you want to talk about the vocals, Jarel nails it totally. You can hear the emotions, the gusto and the special feelings that he portrays. His talents are able to shine through to hold listeners captive. It’s a happy song. There’s a hint of subtlety in the notes, mixed with a psychedelic blend that introduces us to a musical world.

Expect a 90’s style song that features amazing lyrics, excellent production and a blues vibe that will wow the audience. There’s not a lot of digital manipulation in the production and instead it’s filled with competent artistry and a rock feel. The musical scoring is also really good, you feel each second of the song and towards the end when it softens, you feel a sense of loss as the song reaches its climax. It just brings you down gently, allowing you to savour the musical experience you just passed through.

Runaway Blues has everything a classic song should have. The lyrics are great, the beat is extremely catchy, and the tempo gives it an edge that introduces Jarel’s unique style. When you add that the song is well-produced with cutting edge modern methods without losing that classic rock and blues appeal that we love the song for. When all these elements come together, you have a nice song you can bet will reach a huge following.

We love this song because it’s a testimony to how harmonious a great blend of musical genres that we can play in the 70’s and it would not feel out of place. Jarel Portman is one to watch in the future.

By Eva Mendes


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