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I Just Recently Released My First Ever EP To Digital Stores, So This Whole Thing Is Pretty New For Me Really #musicmoney Meets The Talented @pressurekay


Pressure Kay’s first official EP titled ‘Post Grad’ features 5 tracks, that contains multiple and/or fusion genres. Starting off with ‘Hypnotized’, which contains Trap, Future Bass and Jersey Club all within a single song with some warm female vocals. This sets the vibe of the EP for the next few tracks that follows, ‘Party Don’t Stop’ continues with Pressure Kay’s signature Jersey Club production and ‘Killa Villa’ which follows on with some added Dubstep elements to it. ‘Jiggle It’ tones the vibe down a bit towards the end of the EP with a sexy Twerk type beat, and ‘Savoury Muffins’ a purely Future Bass track to nicely finish off the ‘Post Grad’ EP.

Where are you from?
I was born in Malaysia.

Describe your sound.
I don't really have a signature sound yet, my music currently just depends on what I feel like doing. I do pay particular attention to the drums of my stuff, lots of percussions, little pops here and there to add flavour. I just like it to sound lively and fun really.

Tell us about your latest track.
I recently released a 5 track EP that probably best describes my music thus far. The EP consists mostly of Trap and Jersey Club beats which I had lots of fun making. It's weird but groovy at the same time, it just works you know?

Who inspires you?
I don't really have one person that I specifically look up to, but I'd say most of the people that I draw inspiration from exist within the Mad Decent label. I feel like all of them have their own individual style, and ways of making their music unique.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?
I hope to run a label of my own one day, so hopefully within 5 years that would happen. I would also love to be on my first tour within that time, just travelling the world, meeting new people and playing shows really.

Where can we check out your sounds?
Everything that I have ever done, that's published that is, exist on my website which is at

Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know.
I just recently released my first ever EP to digital stores, so this whole thing is pretty new for me really. The whole artist thing is great and I would be releasing more music as time goes by, but I am definitely more interested in the engineering side of things. Recording in a studio, sitting behind the desk, mixing and mastering is more my thing than producing I'd say.


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