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Single Review: Elza - 'Skeletons'


This song is hypnotic pop and with an accompanying video that suits the genre. The neon sign that is very prevalent in the imagery works to enhance the atmosphere that the piece achieves. The neon sign gives the feeling of the band being in a bar and the lyrics say that she is interacting with this shady character who is, “sipping on souls like Coke and rum.” This line of lyrics also creates a sound for the song. It has a built in rhyme scheme as well as a clear image of the subject matter. It’s a piece that should be taken for what it is and the music video contributes to the excellent simplicity.

Video link via YouTube:

The beginning of the YouTube video features what looks like a neon sign. The lettering of the word Skeletons is cursive and the s flickers a few times. Skeletons is in a bluish white and the word is followed by Elza’s name. Her name is located in the bottom right corner of the cursive word Skeletons; Ezla also looks like a neon sign. It’s in red and is printed in bold letters. After the words fade from the video you get a close up of the singer, Elza, and an alternating view of the band members. The band is lighted by the same colors as the neon sign, a bluish white and red. The cover that corresponds with this song is a headshot of Ezla. Her head is slightly tilted with the left side lighted with a red color with is more bright than the right side. The word Skeletons is in the same bluish white floating above her head and her name is printed below that word in bold white lettering. The video has a hypnotic pop feel as does the music.

The song Skeletons has great lines like, “Sipping on souls like Coke and rum.” This line is the most repeated lyric in the piece. It is a very strong line which creates a great image in the listeners mind. The type of character which is imagined is one of coolness and a hidden evil “I’m biting your lip and all I taste is plastic.” This lyric also paints vivid imagery. The listener imagines this character also being fake on top of being an evil character that steals souls. Perhaps the word soul is also meant in the sense of a soul being stolen because a heart is broken.

This song is hypnotic. Also the subject matter is relatable; meeting a man who is shady at a bar is pretty common. However, the lyrics make the common occurrence fresh and interesting. The lyrics also sound great and contribute to making the hypnotic sound which makes the song. It is a piece which creates interest through good lyrics and sounds, the YouTube video merely enhances the sounds by giving the listeners an image of what the band looks like. In this way the video does nothing to distract from the music, the listener gets to enjoy the music for what it is.

By Max Wagner


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