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Svenson Rocks With Michael Jacksons Guitar Player Jennifer Batten


Jennifer Batten loves "Rainbow Rocket Ride": After a collaboration with Sven Kühbauch, the famous guitarist of Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck was so excited about his composition "Rainbow Rocket Ride" that she produced her own video for the title and plays the track in her own solo program. "It's a killer track, great sound," said Batten. The track is available for download on all common platforms. In addition, the piece is transcripted as an eBook with a backing track.


iBooks (Sheet-Music):

"Rainbow Rocket Ride" is a true ride to the stars. "These are bebop lines á la Joe Pass, fully distorted with a Peavey 6505 head and a Jim Dunlop Cry Baby," says Kuehbauch. Guitarists are likely to listen to such an announcement. But also music lovers without instrument skills get their money's worth: Memorable triads and brilliant tapping thunderstorms by Svenson and tapping goddess Jennifer Batten are ear catchy. "It was a pleasure to work with Jennifer. She is very professional and with her own style and ideas she brought this production to a whole new level" says Kuehbauch happily.

Rainbow Rocket Ride:
Guitar - Svenson
Guitar - Jennifer Batten
Keys - Thomas Foerster
Bass - Shanice Ruby Bennett
Drums - Richard Muenchhoff
Mix/Master - Manfred Zmarsly
Video Footage - Jennifer Batten
Cover - Draken

For ten years, the 41-year-old rocked under his stage name Svenson. Last year, the studied and passionate guitarist showed his impressive range on his anniversary album "10th anniversary" and trumped with out-of-print titles such as "Ride away", in which the otherwise convinced instrumental artist even sings. An awarded title is "T for Theia" ("Best Instrumental Blues Song" / The Academy Music Award). The international press paid tribute to the album and guitarist by writing: "Svenson plays rhythm and lead guitar at once much like Charlie Hunter does (...) a solitary acoustic guitar well done with beautiful chords and clean articulation." (Blues Report) , "Svenson uses his expertise as a guitarist to speak to his audience. (Warlock Asylum International News) "Svenson's breadth of talent and style is evident as his brand of restrained wizardry and his ability to put the matter to the fore." „groove above all else with creativity and impeccable precision purveys the album." (Tunedloud)

So much skill does not come by chance: The musician Svenson from Marburg studied at the jazz and rock school in Freiburg, which he left as the best guitarist of his class. Since 1994 he has given individual and group lessons and has gained his rich experience in masterclasses, lessons and workshops from Greg Howe, Scott Henderson, Pat Metheny, Joe Dioro, Michael Sagmeister, David Friesen, Uwe Kropinski, John Stowell, Matt Smith, Georg Gruntz and Ernie Watts. He has performed worldwide with his solo show and as a band guitarist, including shows at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and has worked with such greats as Jerry Donahue, Jennifer Batten, Lulo Reinhardt and star percussionist Rhani Krija (Sting). With the latter, who is considered a "world-class percussionist" (drums & percussion), he recorded the original composition "Agua de mundo" (2016, format: Download), which Big Fuss Records chose as an opener for the environmental compilation "Our Green Earth". His solo albums are highly praised in professional circles, not only the web radio station "Blues Road" was thrilled: "More than worth listening to. A guitarist who puts his feelings into music and miraculously serves his guitar. "

But not only on the guitar Kuehbauch shows empathy and passion. Through his enthusiasm for the wild west and as an avowed Karl May fan, Kühbauch was delighted to compose and record the chapter music for six Karl May audiobooks (Karl May Verlag, Bamberg). At the request of the publisher, Kuehbauch presented his Karl May sound world to the illustrious audience of the 100th anniversary of the publishing house, where Winnetou's sister Nscho Tschi (Marie Versini) was also a guest. Kuehbauch's compositions are as catchy as credible and can be heard in various television productions (including Sat1).

In workshops (published in the magazine "Gitarre & Bass" among others) and interactive eBooks, Sven Kuehbauch teaches his knowledge. His "Interactive Guitar workshop" series is considered groundbreaking and has established itself as the standard work of modern interactive guitar textbooks. "Interactive Country Guitar" is available in three languages.


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