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Single Review: J.W. Schuller - 'Caterpillars'


Is there anything as fun and uplifting as a quintessential indie rock song? Alright, maybe one or two things, but it’s pretty far up there. This is especially true for J.W. Schuller, a musician based out of Boulder, Colorado, and his track, “Caterpillars,” from the album, No Mud In Joyville. It’s a fun, upbeat tune. Schuller is part of a duo with his nephew, Jens Larsen, who plays drums and provides backing vocals.

Schuller has a talent for playing many different instruments, and it shows in this album as a whole. These include guitar, percussion, bass, keyboard,marimba, mouth tuba, and apparently more unlisted. That alone is ratherimpressive. As with a lot of indie rock, “Caterpilars” has plenty of brass instruments to give the song another layer, lively and exciting. My favorite thing about the genre tends to be how it almosst feels like it could belong in a carnival, and this song is no different. It’s so easy to listen to and sway along with the music. Every elemenet is so wonderfully meshed together that it’s just a lovely experience. I found myself putting it on repeat to fully appreciate every sound in the song- it’s exceptional.

Shuller has a voice that was built for indie rock. It’s got a natrual whine to it that works so well with the sound he’s cultivated that shows he knows exactly what he’s doing and how to make everything work perfectly. It’s a voice that blends in well with the enviroment, so if you like music as background noise as well, this is a good option. Schuller has so much life in him, it’s incredible.

With a name like “Caterpillars,” one can probably imagine there will be some butterfly imagery used at some point in the song, and they’d be right. The lyrics are beautiful and whimsical, even when referring to the dull and menial lives we are currently a part of. The song is about the potential we have inside ourselves, and how we just need to break free of the lives we’re stuck in and explore something new to find our best selves. “Caught between the shallow TV screens and our own puppet shows,” is one of my favorite lyrics in the song. I have a great love for puppets, so anything that even references them leaves me really excited. Overall, “Caterpillars” is a song I need to hear. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed, to lose sight of the magic in the world. Sometimes you need a wakeup call.

Schuller took a hiatus from paid gigs and played volunteer gigs at retirement homes for several years, learning a number of new tricks and getting inspired to break back into what he loved the most, and now he’s better than ever. It’s a spectacular thing. If you like music that fills you with joy and determination to break the mold around your life, then this is the song for you. No Mud In Joyville is a fun album that you should definitely give a listen to, especially for “Caterpillars.”

Victoria Patterson


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