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Indie Rocker Rich Lynch Presents His "New Deal" For The New Year


(Nashville, TN) - Indie rocker Rich Lynch begins his fifth year of recording music in 2018 with a strong schedule of song releases set to hit the web and online digital marketplaces.

"The last three months were my most productive yet and I'm hitting this New Year with a lot of momentum," the rocker told journalists from his Nashville, Tennessee home as the clock ticked down on 2017. The past twelve months found the introspective and intellectual musician and singer/songwriter recording ten total tracks in Music City. "But, we're only getting started, I promise."

The career for the longtime New Jersey resident who now resides in the fertile and musically rich land of Tennessee began in 2014 when he released a track about the unusual subject matter of wanting to live in a dome home.

"Well, I truly believe we'll find an audience for these tracks," Lynch suggested. "I mean, I guess we are an acquired taste as we write about aliens, UFOs, Atlantis, dome homes, history and religion. But, we also produce takes on life, love and the pursuit of happiness so I think we're a bit more mainstream than the critics give us credit for."

Fans can support the rocker and keep him in the studio in the coming months by simply buying the quality hard rock tracks he has already made.

"That's the 'New Deal' we're making with our fans," Lynch stated. "From here on out, the record buyers will keep us afloat and recording. If they want more songs, they'll be the ones to fund it!"

Without the support and financial assistance of a record label or management company it's a hard prospect - even for established acts - to get their fans to pull the trigger on a 99 cent MP3 purchase.

"It's mind-boggling to me and continually frustrating that we live in an era when literally everyone has a digital store in their hands every moment of the day yet music sales are still declining. The experts chalk it all up to streaming and pirating," Lynch added incredulously. "That's ridiculous to me. Don't excuse it. Don't give the public such an easy out. If they have an interest in seeing new and potentially important acts emerge in this time-frame they need to do something about."

Lynch's "New Deal" includes easy access to video streams, purchase links, lyrics and reviews to each of his fourteen released tracks to date all conveniently located at:

"I want to prove to the world that in this day and age when the thought of buying music seems anathema to so many people that quality and commitment will win the day, "Lynch provided. "So fans have a chance to reward us and let us continue our work by simply saying "yes" to us with any purchase of a digital single.

"I have hundreds of songs written and ready to be recorded. That, and I'm telling you - there's something in the water here, an intangible magic in the air, being in Nashville," Lynch opined declaring the reasons for his new found love of Mid-Tenn. "Inspiration is all around and songs and ideas occur daily. I just need a little help from the RLB Army to keep us holed up the studio and keep the momentum going."

Consider the most recent three songs with his emerging new band in town. The eclectic offerings range from a scathing rebuke of the high price to pay to see Springsteen on Broadway to a warning about the dangers of the controversial subject of GeoEngineering on their most recent "Ode to the Chemtrail Pilots".

"Like those pilots we are ready to fly-high and soar into hearts and minds of the music buying public," Lynch concluded. "We have many more to record and without a record deal we're counting on our fans to embrace our 'New Deal' - it's a small price to pay to keep our rock n roll dreams alive."

Sounds like a good deal to us!

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Rich Lynch is a singer/songwriter who began his professional recording career in 2014 with "I Want to Live in a Dome". He has now released 12 critically acclaimed digital singles to the online marketplace and he is currently hard at work in Nashville on several new tracks that will see the light of day in 2018. More at -

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