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Former Contestant Of ‘The Voice’ Parlays Success Into New R&B Album


ATLANTA, GA – After riding a wave of success following a stint on the hit NBC show “The Voice,” Atlanta-based R&B artist Vedo is set to launch a new album and a new tour across the U.S.

The debut album from his own label, New Wav Music Group, is called “From Now On.” It was released Dec. 8 across all digital distribution sites and is already turning heads. It’s a project that Vedo said is not only an homage to the R&B greats who have come before him, but also his statement to a world that is struggling with so much negativity and violence.

“We need love right now,” Vedo said. “There is so much going on in the world right now. Fellas are too tough to say I love you. Women are too independent to say when they need a man. And in a lot of ways this project is just kind of me giving the woman the shine and recognition she deserves. We come from a woman, and it’s time to get back to respecting and loving the woman. But at the same time, women need to realize that a man can only be a man if you let him be a man. It’s time for men to start treating women like the queens that they are, but women also have to treat men like the kings that they are.”

The album features 11 songs that tell a variety of stories that Vedo said will be immediately relatable to anyone who listens. He also is a master with harmony and structure, and this album puts that on display even more than his time on “The Voice” did. More than anything, though, this album showcases songs with deep meaning and connectivity between people.

The standout singles from the album are “Slow,” produced by Doh Boy, and “4 Walls,” produced by Major 88 Keys, Dee Money and Fortune Beats. “Slow” is a song that Vedo said encourages men to be patient with women who have been hurt in the past.

“It’s about recognizing that a woman has been through a lot lately,” he said. “She’s been through heartbreaks and hardships and struggles – just hard times in life. I understand what she went through, and because of that I can take it slow. We don’t have to rush into anything. I’ll wait for her. When you move too fast, things end fast. I believe in building something that’s much deeper – connecting on an emotional level outside of connecting through sex. Have a conversation and get to know them. If you do that, you might realize that you have more in common than you actually know.”

Vedo said the music video for “Slow” is in the final stages currently and should be released before the end of the year. The second single, “Four Walls,” will also have a music video set to be released in the first quarter of 2018. Unlike “Slow,” “Four Walls” is your “typical sex record,” Vedo said. It’s a song that he first released in 2015 and it went “super-viral.” He decided to re-release it in conjunction with this album in order to help create additional buzz.

In addition to his new album, Vedo has also been busy collaborating with some other big-name artists. He wrote two songs on Chris Brown’s new album, “Heartbreak on a Full Moon,” and earlier this year, he wrote a song for super K-pop group EXO’s album “The War,” which is now a platinum selling album. He also wrote a song for K-pop group SHINee’s album “1of1” that is now a gold selling album. And on top of all that he has songs on the charts with Japanese artist Daichi Miura.

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