Music Industry News Network [12-21-2017]

Straight Action By MaidOfficiall


Straight up, "Straight Action". This powerful arena ready hip-hop piece is nothing short than straight up and in your face. Explosive, thundering synths deliver a total sound not heard since DMX brought us “Party Up”. Backed by solid beats that are delivered right on track with all of MAID’s anger and frustrations, this anthem of disenchantment leaves the listener feeling energized, and powerful as we stand and say who are you to judge my reaction? MAID shows he has the production skills to rival any of the biggest hip hop producers, as shown by the tension that builds throughout the piece while finally delivering release with some of the most superlative scratching to breakdown this epic piece.
“Straight Action” is one of the many tracks available from MAID’s much anticipated EP “Dronicle,” this track will stick around as one of hip-hop’s best offering of 2017. Although, this track may not seem at times to be breaking new ground in hip-hop, it is refreshing to hear the energy and passion that is still alive in urban music. We are eagerly anticipating more from MAID Officiall.


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