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Real Estate Mogul Turned Rapper Puts Hard Life Lessons To Music


BURLINGTON, IA – A rags-to-riches real estate mogul from the Midwest is using his millions to pursue a passion in music with hopes that his unique sound and style will connect with fans all over the world.

Arthur Gordon, AKA Art Gunz, is a successful real estate business owner of the company Burlington Property Source LLC – with more than $2.4 million in assets and more than 90 properties under his ownership. But he didn’t always start out successful. In fact, eight years ago when he first started pursuing real estate, he was a poor kid from the inner city. Born into poverty and humiliated by vivid memories of having to ask for free cans of food for the poor at school, Art latched on to the street life – a life full of drugs, guns, stealing and backstabbing. Eventually he would become well known for his hard-core street persona and constant wielding of assault weapons, earning him the nickname Gunz. This eventually landed him a stint in jail, after which he turned to sports as a way out of the streets. But college sports never afforded him the money he needed, and it wasn’t until a chance encounter at a gas station that his life changed.

“I rode up to this gas station and this guy was in a 745 BMW and I was in a 1998 Tahoe,” Gunz recalls. “I figured he knew how to make money, so I asked him if I could get a job. I had learned to ask questions because I wasn’t going to get ahead in life without asking questions. He told me he couldn’t give me a job, but he could give me a book. I was like, ‘What’s a book gonna do for me?!?’ But that book changed my life. I remember opening the index of it and the first thing I saw said, ‘Make $1.8 million in less than 18 months.’ I thought, ‘Is this true?’ I did a little bit of research and basically by following the steps and digging deep into it, it was true.”

The book was “Building Wealth” by Russ Whitney. And eight years ago after reading that book, Art started on a path that would eventually lead to the success he has found today. But despite that success in the business world, Art has also held close a deep love and passion for music. A couple of years ago he met Ant Bomb, a local man with aspirations of becoming a music producer. He was an artist who had become a successful DJ, and the two immediately hit it off. Though Art had been a poet for many years, it wasn’t until he started collaborating with Ant Bomb that he realized his potential as a rapper.

“In some ways I still don’t think of myself as a rapper … I’m a seminar teacher,” he said. “When you go to a seminar you’re being taught a lesson. Every father, every son, every daughter, every mother leaves the household at some point to start on their own. That’s basically what my new album is about. You can’t stop what I’m saying and what I’m doing. I can tell you some good stories and give a lot of game and help you understand some wisdom. I’m gonna put a fire behind you and help you know that every day will be a struggle, but through that struggle you can achieve the best blessings ever. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone – I’ve already made it. This is a passion for me and I want other people to know you can win no matter what, if you persist. That’s the key.”

His new album, “Real Estate Music,” is a 22-track EP that he said is set to drop in January. It’s a follow up from his first EP, “Real Estate of Mind,” which he launched earlier this year and has seen some success. He hopes that this next EP will catch the attention of more fans and propel him even more strongly onto the music scene.

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