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Single Review: Tim Cheesebrow - 'You Will Never Walk Alone'


Tim Cheesebrow is a folk musician from St. Paul, Minnesota. He’s out with his latest album, Somebody, Somewhere, which features the track, “You Will Never Walk Alone.” It’s a hopeful tune that has plenty of heart to it. His passion for music and the education system is what makes Cheesebrow especially interesting- he founded the non-profit organization, Discover Music, that helps poorer schools, primarily ones where funding for music programs have suffered greatly, by providing free music workshops to help students find their voice through music.

“You Will Never Walk Alone” is definitely more country than folk or Americana. The music itself sounds straight off of a country music station, complete with a gorgeous sounding choir towards the end of the song. It’s all the things you have to admit give country the perks it does have- great guitar work, lyrics that give you hope, and that really nostalgic feeling that reminds you of days past. The pacing is great and the rhythm is nice and fun. It is worthy of head swaying and toe tapping, for sure. A better dancer than me could likely manage a few more moves than that, however.

His voice gets a little lost in the music- it’s softer than the active, loud music surrounding it. It sounds nice enough, but sometimes you can’t quite place what’s being said. For a song with such a great message, that is not what you would like to deal with. With every country-sounding song, I get a little nervous about the lyrics being stereotypical and unimpressive, but that isn’t an issue with “You Will Never Walk Alone.” They’re simple and to the point, but that is part of the charm. You don’t have to dig around for some inspiration.

Cheesebrow isn’t what you’d expect if you were to judge a book by its cover. I was impressed to learn about his humanitarian efforts and Discover Music, along with his dedication to the education in general through working with elected officials to make changes for the good. It is very respectable. He’s worked with a number of organizations, through benefit concerts and the like. You can feel the love he has for his community, and he is sure to showcase it as well. He’s no stranger to the music business, and he uses that experience to make a change, which is what most people dream of doing. I’m glad he’s out there, making the world a better and more musical place.

Much like Tim Cheesebrow, “You Will Never Walk Alone” is a song that gives you hope where you thought it was all lost. Even if the sound isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can feel how genuine and real he is. It’s worth giving a listen, and while you’re at it, consider checking out Discover Music and getting a better idea of what they’re all about. It’s worth it, I promise. Overall, this song is pretty great, and I’m sure Cheesebrow will only get bigger and better from here on out.

Victoria Patterson


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