Music Industry News Network [12-18-2017]

Secret Forest Band Has Presented Their Debut Single


The young Ukrainian Secret Forest band presented their first single called "All we need", released by the largest Ukrainian label «Moon Records». The author of the music and the lyrics is frontman of the band Sasha Makarov. Arrangement and composition was made by composer Aleksandr Sesha (known for making soundtracks for European and American films), Lesik "Omodada" Drachuk (Tik Tu band) and Maria Chumak, Gour band.

The track "All we need" is available for listening on:

You Tube:

Sasha Makarov (Secret Forest):
From the contemporary music perspective, the single "All we need" is an unusual experiment as we tried to combine electronic sound, live instruments and ancient text in Sanskrit. The song reflects a certain emotional state. I was aimed at conveying the mood of faith in the fact that there is something living in our hearts we long for - the invincible power that can overcome pain, fears and anxieties.
The format of our works is unusual for many people, but warm reviews after our performances inspire all the members of the band to create and continue to looking for a new sound.


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