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Single Review - Sky Orchid - 'The River'


Sky Orchid is an alternative band based out of Manhattan, Kansas. A project between two brothers, Gabriel and Daniel Traknyak, with a name that comes from a story of a near death experience of their grandfather (who claimed to see a wonderful land full of luscious greenery after losing his pulse for a short period of time as a child). Their song, “The River,” is a fascinating single that displays the brothers’ talents quite well.

Gabriel, who is the vocalist and lead guitarist, has a smooth voice that can put one in a meditative state. Personally, “The River” has a sound that I could listen to over and over again- and I did. I put it on repeat for several hours, because the song is both relaxing and offers the perfect background for reflective periods. The way the music builds up is done so well that felt oddly uplifting despite the despair and concern reflected in the song. It gives me a push to stay strong and reminds me of the people who are there for me.

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The lyrics are a little difficult to understand due to Gabriel’s voice, but the overall message is clear. Someone is hurting and Gabriel is trying to get them to open up. I don’t think it works for them, but sometimes it doesn’t. I especially love, “And you know what it feels like, to get out without anyone caring.” It struck a cord with me on a personal level. I think I’m gonig to keep the hook as a whole on my mind for a while.

Daniel has my favorite part of this song- due to it being the two of them, there’s a focus on percussion that you don’t find in a lot of songs, especially rock. You can tell they work at making sure Daniel’s part is more than what casual listeners would normally consider merely the groundwork of a song. His rhythm is fantastic and gives so much depth to “The River” that would have left it desperately lacking otherwise. There’s a crescendo in the middle of the song that really gets to me, thanks to Daniel’s work. It’s incredible.

The video for the song is a little confusing, as there isn’t much going on, but I do appreciate the editing and how crisp it looks. I don’t understand the mask Daniel is wearing, but to each their own. It just took me out of the moment a bit. The video feels just as desolate as the song is meant to be, which given the limited footage used is a pretty impressive feat.

Overall, “The River” is a solid song. I could keep listening to it, and I likely will. I’d suggest it to anyone who likes alternative rock, or anything soft and compelling. It doesn’t have much of a downside, and if the rest of their music follows in the same vein, Sky Orchid is a band I’ll enjoy for some time to come. Their newest album, Oculus, is out now, so be sure to check it out!

Victoria Patterson


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