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Smooth-voiced Doo Wop Brings ‘Balance’ To The Music Scene With New EP


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WHITE PLAINS, NY – Everything in life is balance.

That’s the life motto of New York-based R&B artist Anthony “Doo Wop” Johnson. And it’s the focal point of his newest EP that dropped on Nov. 10 and is appropriately called, “Balance.” The project is a mixture of R&B and hip-hop with one song that features Styles P. And throughout the EP, Doo Wop highlights the yin-and-yang of life’s everyday moments.

“That’s why I call it ‘Balance,’” Wop said of the EP’s title. “Everything in life is balance. You go through life working hard so that you can be successful. People have negative thoughts and overcome them in any way possible with positivity. Relationships are about the good and the bad. And this EP is ultimately about staying positive and having a good mental state, while also celebrating new school R&B with old school R&B.”

That message of staying positive through music was one that was planted in Wop’s mind at a young age. His first introduction to music was in the apartment building as his mother would play music from the greats – Boys II Men, New Addition, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly and especially Luther Vandross. He said he remembers distinctly going to neighborhood cookouts and watching everybody dancing to that “soul in the air” and how much of impression that left on him.

At school he had the choice to pursue art or music, and so he opted to join the All County Chorus, which he said eventually instilled a passion inside of him to look at music in different ways. Eventually he began to combine his love for music and his passion to bring people together through positivity, and a few years later he’s making music with a definitive sound and style.

“I’ve always been attracted to that real music,” Wop said. “Anything that had a nice, positive message… We face a lot of issues going on in the world, and at the end of the day you need to listen to something that’ll make you motivated, happy and remind you of good times. Back in the days, we listened to music to get girls because that meant you had game. There were certain songs that gave you that swagger. Girls were attracted to R&B music and that's what made me more interested in listening to it.”

That love for R&B has developed over the years for Wop, who eventually learned how to produce music as well and has worked hard on becoming a wordsmith whose bars compliment his ability to sing. He brings a smooth voice with lyrics that are real and relatable. Music videos for two singles from the EP, “Do It All” and “My Way,” showcase his unique style and range.

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