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Single Review: Rejectionist Front - "All I Am"


Rejectionist Front is a rock band out of New York City and theyíre out with a new single from their latest album, Evolve, called ďAll I AmĒ. Their goal is to produce a sound that is unique and important, with thoughtful lyrics that have a focus on the bandís activism. Their new album is focused on tackling the struggles that we face in an attempt to make a positive change in the world, to ensure a brighter future for everyone. Rejectionist Front is made up of Michael Perlman, Lincoln Prout, David Dawson, and Tony Tino.

Perlman is the founder of the band and most of the issues referenced in their music has a correlation to his own work. He also is a filmmaker who, like with his music, focuses on bringing awareness to social issues. Itís impressive and respectable- the passion to change the world is rare, and he has it in spades. His next project is a film about the 99% of society and offers insights on how the future can be a better one for all of us if people were put first.

ďAll I AmĒ starts off with powerful guitar riffs, pumping you up before you even know whatís coming for you. The only real issue I have is the choppy style that the lyrics are sung with- his voice isnít bad, but it doesnít suit him at all, and it takes away from the impact of the lyrics, which is the last thing one would want from a political rock band. That aside, itís a solid rock song. Even if youíre not here for the message, itís an enjoyable track with all the hits youíd expect. ďAll I AmĒ has plenty of power in it and youíll be moving with the beat almost as soon as you press play.

Thereís this one really great part in the middle of ďAll I AmĒ that definitely wasnít expected- the song is dynamic all around and forges an interesting and distinct experience, one that can absolutely leave an impression on you if it hits the right chords. This is where the lyrics really get to me. You donít quite get where theyíre going with this until about two minutes in, but from the impact it is obvious that itís worth it. Itís bitter. Itís frustrated. Itís looking at the world and wondering why the hell we let it get this bad.

ďAll I AmĒ is a great song and Rejectionist Front is a band thatís on a mission for a number of worthy causes. In a time where apathy still reigns, we need people who care to step in and bring awareness to our society. Change isnít impossible, not with support and cooperation. Itís a long road, but itís one we can and will embark on, and thatís what Evolve is all about. I would recommend this song to everyone, because Rejectionist Front has a message that needs to be heard. I wish them luck in the future and encourage you all to give them a shot.

Victoria Patterson


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