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'Ghost Detective' Turns Hit Songwriter!


PRESS RELEASE Monday 4th December

In 2001, he sat on Lorraine Kelly's famous couch on breakfast television in the UK, as the 'lead investigator' in the TV series Ghost Detectives, but who back then would have guessed that by 2017, Ross Hemsworth would be a voting member of the U.S. Songwriters Hall of Fame and be the co-writer of a concept album that is being described as the 'next war of the Worlds'!

Ross, who lives in West Somerset U.K., describes himself as a 'very average guitarist' yet has played ALL the instruments on the album ROCHINE - Queen of the Vampires, and brought in a number of guest vocalists for the pop, rock and country songs featured on the album. His main co-writer Paul Blackhurst sings a couple of the songs too, one of which is being touted as the possible second single 'Predator'.

Ross had already been in contact with Jeff Wayne (creator of War of the Worlds), and his office have since downloaded a digital version of the album!

The concept album has already been featured on numerous blog sites, with the first single THAT'S HOW THE NIGHTMARES BEGAN, getting rave reviews prior to its release on January 29th 2018. (The album is now on release in time for the Christmas market)

Speaking from his Somerset home today, the former ghost-hunter said "Vampires seem all the rage at the moment, so we set about writing songs that tell the fictional story of the Queen of the vampire army! I must admit, I wanted to get a major record label behind it, a full orchestra and some top name singers, but maybe that's the next step". There are already plans to licence the storyline for a theatrical, film and TV version of the story.

We think there are very big things ahead for this 'spirited' chap!

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