Music Industry News Network [12-02-2017]

Interview With Alena Irubor On Star Intl 99.9!

1- How long have you been and how's your path until now in the Music Industry???

- I started with acting and singing when I was 5 years old so I guess that makes it now 6 years since I have been doing music. My path so far has been relative and have found my niche with singing and songwriting!

2- What are your biggest achievements???

- My biggest achievement so far has been the release of my first original song titled 9 am a month ago and the upcoming release of two new singles - Loving Endlessly and Be Happy!

3- What's your latest release(s) and project(s) and what can you tell us about them???

- 9 am is my first ever original single. It is a happy pop/R&B song that is uplifting, hopeful and joyful. I just released a dance single called Be Happy. This one is a dance song that is Afro Cuban themed beats with a lot of percussion instruments and unique arrangement.
Loving Endlessly is an R&B ballad and love song that I originally thought of as a father's day song.

4- What are your future plans???

- My plans are to continue to develop my craft every day, release new songs and hopefully one day I can reach wider audiences who enjoy listening to my music.

5- What do you like to tell to your supporters out there???

- I like to thank my parents who have been very supportive of my efforts and have provided me all the love, encouragement, and support that I need to continue my journey. I am also very much appreciate of my vocal coach Billie Cole of De Blanche Music and my songwriting coach and producer Hiroshi Upshur who continues to guide me.


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