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Single Review: Alpha Mule - 'Corpus Christi'


Alpha Mule (yes, Mule), a folk rock duo from Southern California, is out with a new album called Periphial Vision, featuring the single, “Corpus Christi”. Drawing inspiration from the Americana and Country genres, Alpha Mule crafts a tale that’s come to be expected from a folk song- outlaws and death, love and loss. The duo is made up of Joe Forkan (guitar and vocals) and Eric Stoner (guitar and banjo), both of whom are artists in addition to being musicians. They seem to be the exact type of people who would provide a song like this.

“Corpus Christi” is a song about a man who is near the end of his rope. The life of an outlaw is a rough one, but it’s not always as long as one would hope. The person in the song has been on the run for a long time and is finding himself desperately trying to return to the woman he loves, all while knowing he is on borrowed time. He’s not a particularly good man, but you find yourself hoping against your better judgement (especially if you’re not a stranger to the genre), that he’ll be able to get to his destination.


I could picture the scene clearly and it gave me a sense of nostalgia that only comes with work that reminds me of my home. For a duo with roots in California and Arizona, I wasn’t expecting to appreciate music that, geographically speaking, is a hell of a lot closer to me than them. But that goes to show how serious Alpha Mule is about their music- if I didn’t know better, I’d have thought they were from my stomping ground instead of the west coast.

The lyrics are written beautifully- that’s the key, when you’re writing another variation of what is ultimately the same story. It has to be clever and unique, and “Corpus Christi” certainly has those qualities. My favorite lyrics come at the end (I’ll leave them out- it’s something you have to hear for yourself to get the full impact, I believe). The song is all around well done and, while familiar, it holds a certain quality that tells me it won’t leave my mind any time soon.

The music itself has a generic, folksy sound. Steady and soft against the vocals, it doesn’t stand out but it does set the scene perfectly and for a story, that is just what you need. There’s a sense of desperation and melancholy that echoes the dying sinner. It’s hopeless and haunting without bringing dread to the listener. From the moment the music starts, you know it won’t have a happy ending, but at least it’s not an unpleasant surprise.

Alpha Mule has knocked it out of the park with “Corpus Christi”. They formed an experience and crafted a tale worth hearing about. The duo has a fascinating sound, one that stays true to their inspirations while carving a niche that is entirely their own. I reccomend this song to anyone who wants to feel for a man on the run, or anyone who likes folk and/or country music.

Victoria Patterson


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